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Honeymoon Destinations in Venice.

Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in Venice

The toll of the Church bells, the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee, a midnight jaunt on a decorated gondola, reveling onto awe-inspiring masterpieces of ancient art and twisting streets directing towards bustling market squares- Venice portrays urban grandeur and romance at its best. For an unforgettable experience with your spouse visit Venice, a city immersed in water and connected by beautiful bridges that will leave you reeling in beauty and lure. Tripkar brings you a list of top 5 honeymoon destinations in Venice for an undeniably romantic getaway:

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Cholistan Jeep Rally 2017.

Cholistan Jeep Rally 2017

Launched in 2006, Cholistan Jeep Rally is a popular type of off-race organized by TDCP every year as a recreational activity aiming at the socio-economic development of the area and promoting tourism in the historical Cholistan Desert, Southern Punjab. Cholistan Jeep Rally 2017 is going to be a mega cultural event offering an insight into the typical nomadic life and traditions of Punjab.

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The beautiful Bagh in Azad Kashmir.

The Beautiful Bagh in Azad Kashmir

Bagh is the capital city of Azad Kashmir, situated on a confluence of two gushing rivers, Mahlwani and Mahl. The city’s tradition, culture and values closely resembles Poonch district situated in India. The beautiful Bagh in Azad Kashmir is surrounded by lush green foliage and vegetation. Visitors can also explore the famous Haji Pir Pass, situated just 30 kilometers from the city.

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