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World Tea Tours.

Tea Adventure Travel: World Tea Tours

Tea junkies rejoice! Prepare yourselves for tea tours arranged for you to enjoy. You can relish in tea plantations spread across acres, exclusive nature walks and learn interesting historical facts about tea and its origins. Tea tourism has emerged recently with people exclusively asking for tea tours to revitalize. Tripkar brings you a list of places for you to explore the wonder of tea plantations around the world:

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Spiritual places in the world.

Offbeat Spiritual Places in the World

In the quest for spiritual bliss, people have built monuments dedicated to  the Divine being. Be it mountain top monasteries or secluded 1000 year old temples in the middle of nowhere, everyone has felt spiritual energy and indescribable clarity surrounding these sacred places. Here is a list of breathtakingly beautiful spiritual places in the world for you to spiritually energize:

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Colorful places on Earth.

Must Visit Colorful Places on Earth Before You Die!

As part of this grand, mysterious, and remarkable world, we are surrounded with stories and sights that fill us with awe: be it nature’s hold on the human spirit or sunlit glassy waters winding through the wilderness, nature’s eternal inspiration for mankind’s artistic creativity and personal spirituality has left us spellbound. Nature, always stunning, showcases it’s might in both spectacular and subtle ways. Here is a list of some of the most colorful places on Earth that will leave you spellbound:

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