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Spiritual places in the world.

Offbeat Spiritual Places in the World

In the quest for spiritual bliss, people have built monuments dedicated to  the Divine being. Be it mountain top monasteries or secluded 1000 year old temples in the middle of nowhere, everyone has felt spiritual energy and indescribable clarity surrounding these sacred places. Here is a list of breathtakingly beautiful spiritual places in the world for you to spiritually energize:

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Colorful places on Earth.

Must Visit Colorful Places on Earth Before You Die!

As part of this grand, mysterious, and remarkable world, we are surrounded with stories and sights that fill us with awe: be it nature’s hold on the human spirit or sunlit glassy waters winding through the wilderness, nature’s eternal inspiration for mankind’s artistic creativity and personal spirituality has left us spellbound. Nature, always stunning, showcases it’s might in both spectacular and subtle ways. Here is a list of some of the most colorful places on Earth that will leave you spellbound:

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New Year Eve celebrations 2017.

Places with Awesome New Year Celebrations Nobody Talks About

Celebrate New Year 2017 in style, where 100,000 fireworks explode in the sky, people dance to insane music around a magnificent natural harbor on a cold winter night and wait for the clock to say 12.00! Everyone anxiously waits for New Year eve with hopes of a new beginning and better experiences! So those of you who believe 2017 is your year, plan a weekend getaway to some of these places where New Year is celebrated as a festival:

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Effects of climate change.

Effects of Climate Change in Pakistan

People hear a lot about climate change, be it in seminars, television, books and articles. When any natural disaster, caused due to climate change, strikes any part of the world, we get startled and for a couple of days or week, if the effects of climate change are immense enough, we feel motivated to work for the betterment. However, as time passes, other things get on board and ‘climate change’ intrigued scene again gets vanished. That’s what we are doing and that is what we will continue to do if we do not change our attitude towards this hovering havoc and get sensitized over the issue of climate change.

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