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Places to visit in Singapore.

City in a Garden: Places to visit in Singapore

Also known as the ‘City in a Garden’ Singapore is a beautiful wonderland for nature enthusiasts. From religious shrines and condos in the middle of jungle to antique shop houses and cocktail dens, Singapore is the place to be. Tourists can explore the ancient and mysterious rain forests, muddy wetlands filled with lobster and giant lizards and ride the famous bumboat and cycle their way around a rustic island paradise. Besides various natural wonders, Singapore is a haven for shopaholics. You can explore a variety of couture including street brands, trendy in-fashion designer wear to electronics. Here is a list of places to visit in Singapore with your friends and family and have the time of your life:

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Jason deCaires Taylor constructs underwater sculpture installations to preserve marine life.

Wonder of the World: Underwater Sculpture Park

Born in 1974, Jason deCaires Taylor is an internationally acclaimed sculptor who creates underwater sculpture parks and installations, offering astoundingly impressive visuals to travelers. The world renowned sculptor spent most of his childhood exploring the coral reefs of Malaysia inspiring him to become a diving instructor and an underwater naturalist. Jason deCaires has over 20 years of diving experience and is also an award winning underwater photographer.

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Best restaurants for breakfast in Lahore

Best Restaurants for Breakfast in Lahore

Since Lahore is the hub of eateries, choosing a place for breakfast in Lahore can be challenging. With a decrease in recreational and leisure activities following terrorism in the past decade, dining out emerged as the much celebrated activity by elderly and youngsters alike. Now that we have plenty of events going on around us, nonetheless, food stands out among all, because after all, we all love food!

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Book cheap airline tickets with Emirates Airlines.

Year End Discount: Emirates offering Cheap Airline Tickets to Pakistani Travelers!

For those of you planning to travel during the winter season, rejoice! Pakistani travelers can avail up to 40% discount on airline tickets, a special year-end deal offered by Emirates Airlines.  The offer is valid for various destinations across the continent including Europe, Africa and Middle East. Travelers can book cheap airline tickets for Economy class for as low as 25,000 PKR to Middle East and 48,000 PKR to Europe.

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Amazing places in the world.

Top Most Amazing Places in the World

Visit some of the most amazing places in the world, that will take your breath away. From crystal blue lakes to mysterious rivers to remote wilderness, experience nature in its purest form:

Maly Semyachik in Kamchatka, Russia

Maly Semyachic is a volcanic range that stretches about 3 kilometers long. The natural wonder consists of 3 joined cones including the ancient north cone, the middle cone and the south west cone with several volcanic craters. Surrounded by the mighty blue Pacific Ocean and Okhtosk Sea, Kamchatka’s volcanoes create spectacular scenery and has a mineral-rich ecosystem. The Kamchatka is a nature’s reserve with million hectares of remote wilderness serving as a safe habitat to many wild life species. The Geyser River, with its famous Valley of the Geysers and hundreds of hot springs, runs through it. Vast glaciers nestle in mountain depressions and high waterfalls tumble into deep valleys. Amongst them is the Maly Semyachik lake that forms the most prominent part of  south west crater, Troitsky. The beautiful light-greenish lake has a diameter of 500 meters with a depth of 140 meters. However, the water is acid with high amounts of sulphur and higher salt content than the sea water.

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