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Wedding in Disneyland.

Now You Can Plan Your Dream Wedding In Disneyland

Rejoice Disney fans!

Now you can plan your fairy-tale wedding in Disneyland. Walt Disney World has hosted a lot of weddings before, but their newest offering is the most exciting! Couples can now get married in the Magic Kingdom. If you ever had the dream to become a princess or prince, here is your chance!

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WiFi passwords in airports now available around the world.

Now you can easily access WiFi passwords in airports!

Waiting for your flight with no internet access can turn into one of your worst travel experiences. Luckily, now waiting at the airport lounge is something you can look forward to! Travelers can now access WiFi passwords in airports around the world. Thanks to Anil Polat, a travel blogger and Computer Security Engineer has done the world a huge service. With great leaps in digital technology, travelers can now connect to WiFi at any airport around the world. Anil Polat has created an interactive map that reveals WiFi passwords of various airports globally. The interactive map is regularly updated and is available on iOS and Android.

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FireChat: Chat live

FireChat: Chat Live Without Network Connectivity

We have seen great leaps in digital technology in the last few years. With innovation that has revolutionized the way we work and live, things have never been easier. Similarly technology has played a vital role in effective communication. With so many chat applications available on every digital platform, covering every conceivable niche you could think of, one such application is FireChat: Chat live. The innovative chat application focuses on local ‘off the grid’ communication that enables people to communicate without using WiFi network.

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The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride event in Karachi, Pakistan.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is an international charity event that raises awareness and funds for the Movember Foundation Men Health Programs. The charity was first found in Sydney, Australia by Mark Hawwa. The founder of the charity decided that a themed ride will be initiated. Including men dressed in suits and riding classic and vintage styled motorcycles. This will not only promote unity and their aim to fund cancer research, but also bring together niche motorcycle communities. The success of the event encouraged Mark Hawwa to expand this worthy cause across the globe.

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Ferrari Land Park.

World’s Highest and Fastest Roller Coaster to Enter Europe!

Good news for adrenaline junkies! The world’s fastest and highest roller coaster “Formula Rossa” is coming to Europe. Ferrari Land Park in Barcelona, Spain will feature this thrill seeking high-on-adrenaline ride by April 2017. The roller coaster will feature a vertical accelerator that will take riders up to 367 feet and plunge down at a 90 degree angle.

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