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World Tourism Day celebrations at Tripkar.

World Tourism Day Celebrations at Tripkar

We at Tripkar celebrated World Tourism Day 2016 at its fullest. The aim of this day is to ponder upon the significance of tourism and its social, economic, political and cultural value to the economy. To celebrate this day we planned a fun filled evening amongst our colleagues with the objective of creating awareness and inform people about this day’s importance.

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Five star hotels in Dubai.

5 Stars Hotels in Dubai

Dubai – where life emerges at its full bloom to transpire the fun of living a high profile exotic lifestyle. If your life is full of fun, adventure, colors, class, luxury and swiftness for you, then Dubai is a must-visit destination for you. Mention any of your heart’s craving: you want to lounger, get cherished by the miracles of modernization, want to spring up to your feet to have some rock and roll while enjoying a whooping night life or glitz of premium shopping malls are magnetizing your attention, Dubai is your place to go! These perks of Dubai makes it an intrepid voyagers’ ultimate destination and has given a robust boost to its hotel industry. There are hotels with sparkling desert front, opulent beach resorts or finest lodging amenities – all these reasons associated with every hotel makes it difficult to choose a hotel accommodation.  For your ease, Tripkar has selected top 5 star hotels in Dubai, which will give you many reasons to prolong your lodging period – they are that luxurious!

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This is why you should travel.

This is Why You Should Travel

Everyone loves to travel. Be it vacations, trips or a simple weekend getaway, travelling provides new experiences to ponder, adventures and memories. But that’s not it, where travel provides you with various stories to muse on there are major health and personal benefits too. Traveling provides you with increased feeling of happiness, satisfaction and even reduces risk of heart disease. Tripkar brings you inspirational reasons for you to pack your bags and travel the world!

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World Tourism Day.

World Tourism Day 2016

World Tourism Day is celebrated on 27th September every year. The aim is to create awareness among international and local communities to know the importance of tourism and its social, political, cultural and economic value. This day is celebrated to experience the incredible diversity and beauty of our planet. On this World Tourism Day, TripKar brings you some informative and enlightening facts about the world’s greatest tourist attractions:

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Places to visit for a one day trip (مشہور سیاحتی مقامات) in Pakistan.

Popular One Day Trip Places in Pakistan

There are plenty of picnic spots and beautiful places in Pakistan that you can visit for a day to escape your daily mundane life. Although Northern areas are the first choice for many Pakistani adventure junkies but there are many other famous and awe inspiring tourist spots in the country. brings you a list of popular one day trip places in pakistan with your friends and family:

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