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Emporium Mall Lahore.

Emporium Mall Lahore

Nishat Group of companies has taken the meaning of luxury to another level with the opening of their new flagship mall, Emporium. The mega Emporium mall is located near Lahore International Expo Center and seamlessly blends technology, service and design elements for an unforgettable shopping and leisure experience! brings you a list of shopping outlets available at the mega mall to fulfill your shopping desire:

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Arifeh Hassan conquers the mighty Karakorum.

Arifeh Hassan becomes the first Muslim Malaysian Girl to Conquer the Karakorum Range

The ‘eighth wonder of the world’ the mighty Karakorum resides in Pakistan. People from all over the world visit the mighty Karakorum range to fulfill their adventure escapade and thrills. Similarly Arifeh Hassan, an adventure enthusiast decided to visit Pakistan and fulfill her desire to conquer the mountain peak. Her accomplishment doesn’t end here, she is the first Muslim Malaysian girl to surmount the lofty peak and celebrate her native country’s Independence day.

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Tourists banned from visiting Lulusar Lake.,

Tourists banned from Visiting Lulusar Lake

Lulusar Lake, Babusar Top and Jalkhbad are some of the famous tourist spots in Pakistan visited by locals and foreigners alike. Lulusar Lake is the biggest natural lake situated in Hazara and the main source for River Kunhar. A preferred camping site for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

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Cave waterfall in Kalam Valley.

Kalam’s Newly Discovered Cave Waterfall

A newly discovered cave waterfall in Kalam Valley has become a major tourist attraction for local travelers and visitors. The cave waterfall is surrounded by thick trees and bushes amid a pool of cold water and mountains. The cave is located deep in the narrow creek of Shaho created by the confluence of two mountains over looking the Usho river situated in Kalam Valley.

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Foreigners visiting Pakistan

These Travelers decided to visit Pakistan, here is why!

Pakistan is blessed with abundant natural and historic riches but plagued by terrorism, extremism and political instability, the country is still visited by many. Irrespective of all the negative connotations, Pakistan is a country full of life, history, culture, tradition, folklore and magnificent topography. Travelers can find striking views, enchanting forests, golden sand dunes and turquoise blue lakes and rivers meandering around lush green meadows and pastures. Here is what foreigners in Pakistan had to say about their experience:

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