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lakes in hunza

Beautiful lakes in Hunza Valley which will leave you in awe

Tourists usually head towards Gilgit, Baltistan when they are planning to spend their vacations in Pakistan because it is one of the most beautiful places of the country with reasonable hotels and accommodation. With various attractive spots and scenic beauty, Gilgit Baltistan pulls a huge number of tourists from within the country and abroad each year. To be specific, one mountainous valley is very popular in this regard named as Hunza. Situated to the extreme north of Pakistan, Hunza valley is a place worth visiting and generates significant revenue via tourism. Apart from providing breathtaking view of tall mountains like Rakaposhi, Hunza peak, Ultar, Ghenta and ladyfinger peak among many others, Hunza valley is home to a watch tower in Garnish village, Altit Fort and Baltit Fort. Also, following are some lakes in Hunza Pakistan which will  leave you in awe:

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desi drinks to beat the hot summer

Desi Drinks to Beat the Hot Summers

With the flaming sun and markets percolating with lawn collections in every city of Pakistan, summers have set in. Time flies and before we knew it, June is right here. It started in March when spring subsided before it could officially depart. Summer in Pakistan comes with scorching sun, excessive load-shedding, ice cream, eternal love for mangoes, a lot of complaints about how hard and tough summer is and of course desi drinks!

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traveling with kids

Tips to make traveling with kids easier!

Although traveling is always a great experience regardless of who you are with, there is a special feeling when you are with your family. In regular days, it is very difficult for the whole family to spend time together because some are busy with office work, some with college assignments and some with exams. So usually during vacations, be it winter or summer, traveling with kids is usually at the rim of the bucket!

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hotels in murree

Top Hotels in Murree to Stay

One of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan that attracts many tourists from around the world each year is Murree. The pleasant weather and attractions like Mall road, Nathia Gali, Kashmir point, Ayubia and Pindi point are so tempting that tourists cannot resist visiting the city often. Also, the fact that there are a number of suitable hotels in Murree eliminates any issues regarding accommodation.

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PTDC to Construct Resorts to Promote Tourism in Pakistan

Where sky high mountains are planked on the ground with pride; air blows in beautiful dales, carrying sweet fragrance of flowers; rivers gush, sprinkling melodious symphony everywhere; sand of sweltering desert shines in sunlight, gleaming like stars on Earth – who on Earth can deny that tourism in Pakistan cannot thrive? Any country bestowed with such sprouting natural beauty holds a significant position for tourists. Our country is known as the tourists’ paradise and the good thing is that PTDC (Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation) has started taking substantial initiatives to promote tourism in Pakistan (Northern areas) which are the nucleus of our beautiful Pakistan.

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