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Water sport in Pakistan.

Try Your Favourite Water Sport in Pakistan!

Sports have taken various forms with the passage of time. Gone are the days when sports used to mean cricket, volleyball, football only. Now, this term has captured the gushing waters as well with the worldwide popularity of rafting, cliff diving, angling, surfing and yachting. Where in the world, water sport have attained considerable boom, liking for water sport has also started gaining momentum in Pakistan. The introduction of these water activities such as cliff diving in Pakistan has brought about wonderful tourism opportunities in many areas across the country.

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glaciers in pakistan

Top 8 Breathtaking Glaciers in Pakistan

Apart from beautiful lakes, high mountains, ancient architecture and historical landmarks, tourists are attracted by the large number of glaciers that exist in Pakistan. The development of accommodation including few hotel rooms in different areas for reservations has made it possible to travel to these glaciers. When snow, ice, rock and water accumulate, glaciers are formed and according to International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Pakistan has approximately 5218 glaciers. However, there are a few of these where tourists love to visit and most of those glaciers in Pakistan are in the Karakoram Range.

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travel pakistan

Travel Pakistan: Reasons to Visit the Land of Lively People

A country whose beautiful colors are eclipsed by dark smudge of terrorism, extremism and political instability, still holds its inner beauty; beauty worth gazing, beauty worth exploring and beauty worth traveling for. Pakistan is among those countries, which have all the perks, to be regarded as travel holics’ ultimate destination.

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peshawar food

Tasty and Delicious Peshawar Food

Peshawar is home to rich culture and the hub of Pashto music, art and literature. Areas like Sethi Muhalla still consists of the captivating architecture of the old city with unbaked bricks and beautifully carved wooden doors. Besides architecture and art, Peshawar is also famous for its food, which is different yet delicious. Tripkar brings you a list of restaurants to eat Peshawar food for you to get on a roller coaster of flavors and irresistible aroma!

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mughal architecture in Lahore.

5 Classic Examples of Mughal Architecture in Lahore

Mughal architecture in Lahore – where skill of formulating buildings changed from mere staging of bricks to a piece of splendid art. The Mughal dynasty in sub-continent did not only bring an illustrious era of Muslim’s rule in sub-continent, in fact it also brought in new art forms, which were to be remembered even after termination of Mughal era. Mughal emperors are branded for their love for art and the new dimension and inclination which they brought in different art forms. This brilliance of art is also reflected in different architecture and buildings which belong to Mughal era.

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