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gandhara civilization

A Glimpse of the Ruins of Gandhara Civilization

Gandhara civilization is one of the most popular Buddhist civilizations which expanded and spread its culture in different regions, quite drastically.

In 326 B.C., the land of Pakistan attracted Alexander the great from Macedonia, who brought Greek culture to this part of the world. In this era, Buddhism was adopted as the state religion which flourished and prevailed here for over 1000 years. During this time, Taxila, Swat and Charsaddah became three important centres for trade, culture, art and craft and learning. From these centres, a unique art of sculpture originated which is known as Gandhara Art all over the world.

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exports of pakistan

Famous Exports of Pakistan

Industrialization is the most widely discussed topic in Pakistan today. As a developing country, the exports of  Pakistan are encouraged. Resultantly, to work towards a positive balance of trade, our country is promoting the growth of industries of different kinds. Most villages are self-sufficient in the basic necessities of life.
Most of the families rely on cottage industries for income and basic necessities. They have their own carpenters, blacksmiths, potters, craftsmen and cotton weavers. With the passage of time cottage industries have gained great significance in both, cities and towns. Handwoven carpets, embroidered work, brassware, rugs and traditional bangles are all in great demand; in fact they can be counted as a great plus point in promoting the cultural heritage of Pakistan and widely popular among the tourists.
The following are considered the best  export items of Pakistan, widely in demand in the international market:

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desi breakfast in karachi

Top 5 Places for Desi Breakfast in Karachi

Our elders always tell us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and so we should never skip it. The logic seems to be fair because after sleeping for several hours, our body needs something to extract energy from in order to keep us energetic throughout the day. If you are a real ‘foodie’ and want to see how breakfast is supposed to be done, you need to visit a number of places for a desi breakfast in Karachi which are well-known for their exceptional breakfast in terms of variety, taste and quality.

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Chilam joshi festival

Chilam Joshi Festival, Chitral

Pakistan is a country drenched in numerous colors, depicted in its copious cultures and festivals, which are sprinkled differently in different fractions of the country. In Pakistan, life blossoms at its full bloom as people here do not wait for life to shower colossal blessings upon them, in fact they carve happiness on their life’s canvas on their own. Chilam Joshi Festival is another such example, where happiness and colors of life get jolted in air with mere alteration of season in the Kalash Valley.

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rivers of pakistan

The Rivers of Pakistan

Flowing rivers are like blood for a country, which flows in its veins; enabling life with its every gush, nurturing life with its every turn, sustaining life with its every ripple. This world is all about life, so are rivers! This fact can be asserted by the affirmed fact that previously, early civilizations laid foundation of their society near the rivers. Pakistan is also bestowed by nature with this lifeline; rivers, in fact there are more than 60 small and large rivers in Pakistan. These rivers run through the length and breadth of Pakistan, sprinkling life everywhere. Tripkar brings you interesting information regarding the rivers of Pakistan:

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