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Gorakh Hill Station: A Trip To Take

When someone plans to spend their vacations in the craziest way possible, trip to various places of Pakistan immediately comes to mind. However, it is not always possible to go for a complete Pakistan tour due to time or budget constraints so it becomes difficult for people to choose between several options. Visiting beautiful hill stations of Pakistan has been a common trend in this country and people tend to have great experiences there. Here is some interesting information by Tripkar regarding Gorakh Hill Station:

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best western hotel

Best Western Hotel: A Global Chain with a Local Touch

Whenever you plan to go for a tour or business trip anywhere in the world, there are a number of things to keep in mind so that the trip does not become a poor experience for you. It is necessary to go well prepared and take along food, equipment and appropriate clothing according to the climate of the place you plan to visit. But one most important thing that you have to consider is the accommodation you choose.

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wall of kindness

The Wall of Kindness

The nation of Pakistan has always been popular of its flaws more than its fine points. The people of Pakistan are popular as being violent, brutal, lazy, or conservative but Pakistani nation has always beaten many super powers when it comes to unity amongst the nation. They always join their hands together as one nation and stand against all the problems they face. Problems like poverty, illiteracy, terrorism, unemployment; they face them and solve them as one nation. They don’t care which ethnic group they come from, which city they actually belong to, or what languages they speak. They stand together and help the needy country-man. The latest example of the unity and kindness of the people of Pakistan is The Wall of Kindness being set up in almost every city of Pakistan.

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discover Pakistan's beauty

Discover Pakistan’s Beauty by Following Top Instagram Accounts

In this era of social media, where people are more connected via internet rather than in their real lives. Instagram is also an important and frequently used application. With the passage of time, Instagram has now gone viral in Pakistan as the world is now a global village. Everyone is busy posting about their lives, random activities they do in their everyday lives, different places they visit and a lot more happenings. Initially, it was common among the youth of Pakistan but nowadays everyone is pretty much interested in it. Pakistani has always tried to portray a positive and beautiful image of Pakistan especially on social media and following the trend they are also playing an important role in creating a brighter and positive image of Pakistan on Instagram as well. Tripkar brings you a list of top Instagram accounts to follow to discover Pakistan’s beauty:

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