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wall of kindness

The Wall of Kindness

The nation of Pakistan has always been popular of its flaws more than its fine points. The people of Pakistan are popular as being violent, brutal, lazy, or conservative but Pakistani nation has always beaten many super powers when it comes to unity amongst the nation. They always join their hands together as one nation and stand against all the problems they face. Problems like poverty, illiteracy, terrorism, unemployment; they face them and solve them as one nation. They don’t care which ethnic group they come from, which city they actually belong to, or what languages they speak. They stand together and help the needy country-man. The latest example of the unity and kindness of the people of Pakistan is The Wall of Kindness being set up in almost every city of Pakistan.

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discover Pakistan's beauty

Discover Pakistan’s Beauty by Following Top Instagram Accounts

In this era of social media, where people are more connected via internet rather than in their real lives. Instagram is also an important and frequently used application. With the passage of time, Instagram has now gone viral in Pakistan as the world is now a global village. Everyone is busy posting about their lives, random activities they do in their everyday lives, different places they visit and a lot more happenings. Initially, it was common among the youth of Pakistan but nowadays everyone is pretty much interested in it. Pakistani has always tried to portray a positive and beautiful image of Pakistan especially on social media and following the trend they are also playing an important role in creating a brighter and positive image of Pakistan on Instagram as well. Tripkar brings you a list of top Instagram accounts to follow to discover Pakistan’s beauty:

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Jashn-e-Shikarpur: Celebrating Sindhi Culture

Pakistan stands out among all the South Asian countries by being a most diverse country which incorporates different cultures in it; representing different ethnic groups, speaking different languages and following different rituals. One of the festival celebrated nation wide is Jashn-e-Shikarpur. The people of Pakistan do not only follow their cultures themselves but they feel glorified in celebrating and presenting their cultures to other people, so that people get to know about their traditions and their rituals and appreciate them. Following their rituals and traditions they organize different events and festivals to share and celebrate their happiness. They gather and perform different obligations, participate in different sports, perform their traditional dances, share their feelings and happiness. These festivals are a great symbol of their unity and represent their culture elegantly.

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women on bike

Women on Bike

Aneeqa Ali, besides running an NGO, is a member of Critical Mass Lahore, a  group which gathers women on bike every Sunday morning and explores different parts of the city of Lahore. Aneeqa Ali loves to wander on her bike in the streets of Lahore and explore some beautiful and amazing facts about her city. But, recently, on a fine Sunday morning, she was harassed, hit and injured by a group of men. This incident as a consequence invoked women in all over Pakistan to protest against it, but they find a different way to show their solidarity with Aneeqa. All of the women gathered together and ride their bikes and cycles in the streets of Lahore. They gathered at the roundabout opposite Jalal Sons and peddled their way towards Main Boulevard as onlookers looked on. The gathering was organized by Critical Mass Lahore and Girls at Dhabas to speak out against harassment women face in public places. According to them, the main purpose was to increase acceptability for women being on the roads and to make them feel more comfortable with this idea as well in our patriarchal society.

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holi & diwali

Holi & Diwali Declared National Holidays

The recent news that Holi & Diwali are going to be declared national holidays has been received with considerable warmth all over the country. The progressive sections of the society are hailing this act as a step towards a more tolerant Pakistan and a victory for the liberal sections of the Pakistani society.

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