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Mela Chiraghan

Mela Chiraghan: The Festival of Lights

The words Mela Chiraghan literally translate into ‘Festival of Lights’. This festival is an extravaganza of culture as well as religious fervor in its own right. Held on the shrine of the Sufi saint Madhu Lal Hussain, this festival attracts people from all religions, sects and social classes. The three day festival involves many pilgrims making their way to the shrine in Lahore near the Shalimar Garden, each carrying a lamp with them which is then chucked into a bonfire. The devotees believe that all their prayers are accepted when they attend the festival, and that attendance gains them favor of God.

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cycling culture in pakistan

Cycling in Pakistan

Cycling has seen a huge rise in popularity among the urban population of the country. Be it the need for a healthy lifestyle, or simply a catharsis for the soul bearing the stressful burdens of the modern life, cycling in Pakistan caters to all these needs. There has been an emergence of cycling fraternities and clubs in many big cities of Pakistan that attract thousands of enthusiasts.

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hotel one

Hotel One by Pearl Continental

The fastest growing chain of Hotel One Private Limited is the greatest initiative by Pearl Continental Hotels with the association of Hashoo Group of Companies, one of the leading conglomerates of Pakistan. These hotels are present in various metropolitan cities of Pakistan and are setting their own example in the field of hospitality. All of these hotels in different cities, different regions and different provinces of Pakistan are ensuring quality to their customers by bringing service excellence within the reach. Tripkar brings you information regarding Hotel One by Pearl Continental in various cities:

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The History and Significance of Minar-e-Pakistan

Minar-e-Pakistan proudly represents the great success of Muslims of the subcontinent, the symbol of unity, struggle for freedom, initiated after the Pakistan Resolution was passed on 23rd March, 1940, in the annual meeting of All India Muslim League. The resolution focused on the “Two Nation Theory”, that stated that the Muslims of the Subcontinent to have their separate homeland. The meeting was presided over by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. This resolution along with presenting the demand of the Muslims, created a lot of disturbance within the subcontinent and ignited the war between the Hindus and the Muslims.

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