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resorts in lahore

Must Visit Resorts in Lahore

Many consider Lahore to be the cultural capital of Pakistan, and that statement might not be too far from the truth. One of the oldest cities in the region, Lahore boasts of a rich history that has seen as much culture as it has seen war. If you are planning to visit this majestic city, let us help you choose some great resorts in Lahore that will most definitely allow you to have a great experience.

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books on pakistan

Top Fiction Books on Pakistan

Reading about Pakistan through the lens of an author, whether local or international is always an interesting experience. Readers in Pakistan can actually imagine the streets, sounds, people and atmosphere that the author describes in the book which makes it surreal. If you haven’t read any books on Pakistan, now is your chance as we bring to you the 5 fiction books on Pakistan that you must read. Tripkar brings you an interesting list of books on Pakistan for you to enjoy:

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best music

Musical Journey—Three Places Which have the Best Music to Offer

Music is one of the lesser important reasons for travel but, just because it is not much heard of, does not mean that it cannot become an awesome journey. Travelling to discover new forms of art is always exciting and a learning experience as well. In the case of music, you choose to travel for one of three reasons: to experience a favorite performer first hand, to learn more about the native musical trends or to find inspirations. The following are some recommendations from Tripkar to enjoy the best music around the world:

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beaches in balochistan

Beautiful Beaches in Balochistan

Tourism in Balochistan might be a laughable idea to the uninformed, but the terrains of Balochistan hold a range of majestic scenery. Among these, Balochistan features a number of beautiful beaches as it shares the coast of the Arabian Sea with Sindh. The most attractive feature of these beaches in Balochistan is that they are mostly undeveloped and unexplored, so compared to the beaches in Karachi these beaches are much cleaner, with shinier white sand and a lot to look forward to in terms of sight-seeing. Tripkar brings you a list of beautiful beaches in Balochistan:

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