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Nauroze Celebrations – Persian New Year

Marking the beginning of spring in modern times and a reminder of pre-Islamic traditions in the region, Nauroze is not just celebrated by ethnic Persians; despite being popularly conceived as the “Persian New Year”, Nauroze is observed most prominently in the Indian sub-continent by the Parsi religious community, the peoples of Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan, Kurds in the Middle East and many Central Asian communities. It is one of the world’s oldest ceremonies that continues to be observed by such a large populace, predating other religious occasions like the Muslim Eids and Christmas, but has lost much of its religious significance – the event is largely regarded as being secular in nature.

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Lahore Spring Festival

Lahore the city of lively hearts, the city of culture, the city of festivals. It is so called because of its people enjoying every season and every moment to the fullest. Whether it is a national day or a ritual, whether it is festival of a season or it is a food mela, the energy of whole city is surely inspiring. Indeed, summers, winters, autumns all have their best festivals but nothing beats the enthusiasm of Lahore and its people, when it comes to the festivals of the spring. The whole city is decorated like a bride and the enthusiasm of the people shines at its peak. The canal passing through the city is decorated with colorful lights, different sculptures and beautiful flowers. It feels like the whole city is enjoying the spring season. There is this pleasant feeling spread in the air which brings smile on the faces of the people.

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The ultimate list of places to visit in Naran.

The Ultimate List of Places to visit in Naran

Located in the Kaghan Valley, 119 km from Mansehra city, Naran is a heaven for travelers with abundant of things to do in Naran. Not only is this place itself exceptionally beautiful, but it can be considered a base station for other scenic destinations with various hotels nearby such as Ambassador Hotel Kaghan. Tripkar brings you a list of places to visit in Naran during your visit:

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resorts in lahore

Must Visit Resorts in Lahore

Many consider Lahore to be the cultural capital of Pakistan, and that statement might not be too far from the truth. One of the oldest cities in the region, Lahore boasts of a rich history that has seen as much culture as it has seen war. If you are planning to visit this majestic city, let us help you choose some great resorts in Lahore that will most definitely allow you to have a great experience.

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books on pakistan

Top Fiction Books on Pakistan

Reading about Pakistan through the lens of an author, whether local or international is always an interesting experience. Readers in Pakistan can actually imagine the streets, sounds, people and atmosphere that the author describes in the book which makes it surreal. If you haven’t read any books on Pakistan, now is your chance as we bring to you the 5 fiction books on Pakistan that you must read. Tripkar brings you an interesting list of books on Pakistan for you to enjoy:

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