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beaches in balochistan

Beautiful Beaches in Balochistan

Tourism in Balochistan might be a laughable idea to the uninformed, but the terrains of Balochistan hold a range of majestic scenery. Among these, Balochistan features a number of beautiful beaches as it shares the coast of the Arabian Sea with Sindh. The most attractive feature of these beaches in Balochistan is that they are mostly undeveloped and unexplored, so compared to the beaches in Karachi these beaches are much cleaner, with shinier white sand and a lot to look forward to in terms of sight-seeing. Tripkar brings you a list of beautiful beaches in Balochistan:

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travel movies

Ultimate List of Travel Movies

Travelling is a passion for many and definitely one of the most exciting lifestyles. However, a lot of us our way too entrenched in our lives to break out of the rat-race and live it the way we want. However, there is always one way you could live the life of a traveler without having to actually set off to South America; Movies. Hollywood has often used travel as a theme for many of its blockbuster movies. Tripkar brings you a list of some of the greatest travel movies for you to enjoy:

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pakistan super league

Pakistan Super League 2016 – Super Entertainment

The Pakistan Super League first edition (2016) just recently ended in Dubai International Cricket Stadium. The tournament took place in the UAE, which has been the substitute home ground for Pakistan Cricket Team for more than half a decade. It has been a rollercoaster event with some breathtaking cricket due to exceptional performances, but it has also been a little more than that. Tripkar brings you a glimpse of everything that made Pakistan Super League everyone’s priority while it went on.

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