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The Wagha Border Ceremony

‘ATTENTION!’ The Wagah Border Ceremony

This shout for demanding alertness is not the only attention grabbing thing at the prestigious and historic Wagah Border Parade Ceremony. In recent times, the flag lowering ceremony has become a great source of traditional entertainment. The ceremony is also called the Beating Retreat Ceremony and has been described in many different ways ranging from ‘Colorful!’ to ‘Ugly!’ The most apt and condensed description would be ‘carefully choreographed contempt’ as stated by Michael Palin.

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Take Time Off from Work to Travel

Take Time Off from Work to Travel and Reinvigorate

Are you yawning at your desk, maybe slouching in your chair? You feel like you could really use a walk in fresh air right about now? Then there’s no simpler and better way to put this: take time off from work… to travel! We’re all familiar with that joke where you’re advised to get up, go outside, book a ticket to Mexico and never come back. Well, that’s not really a bad idea, except you’ll have to come back! Take time off from work to travel, opt for some solo travel. Traveling has a lot of benefits including decrease in stress, anxiety and depression.

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exploring gilgit-baltistan

Exploring Gilgit Baltistan with TripKar

Early this August, TripKar organized a trip to the beautiful region of Gilgit Baltistan. The week long trip was an eventful journey, starting from Lahore and included river rafting at Naran, exploring the historic Altit and Baltit Forts, boating at Attabad Lake and touching the border at Sost.

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h block

DHA H Block: A Glimpse of Karachi Gawalmandi in Lahore

If you’ve ever been to DHA H Block for a bite, you must have taken a look at all the restaurant boards and wondered: So much Karachi in one Lahori street? As a born and raised Lahori, I too felt a bit insecure when around five years ago this, now massive, market began hosting famous Karachi restaurants. But along with the tag, these restaurants brought great food and flavor which is any Punjabi’s biggest weakness! Since then H-Block has been conquered by Karachi restaurant chains and in the process been renamed, quite deserving, New Food Street.

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Best books for travelers to enjoy.

Best Books for Travelers to Enjoy

Reading lets you travel back in time and experience diverse cultures from different perspectives. Tripkar brings you a list of best books for travelers to enjoy and indulge into:

The Great Railway Bazaar 

The Great Railway Bazaar by Paul Theroux.

First Published in 1975, the book is an account of the authors 4 month rail journey from London through Europe, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. This book is must read for any enthusiast train traveler!

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