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Endangered animals in Pakistan.

Fading Beauty: The Endangered Animals in Pakistan

Pakistan has an array of terrains throughout its territory and the wildlife is even more diverse and varied. Due to the spread of human civilization, many of the species have seen a fall in population and some special, interesting creatures have now been given endangered status in Pakistan. Tripkar brings you a list of few remarkable and endangered animals in Pakistan:

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Travel Photography – Tips & Tricks

Are you an inspiring professional photographer looking for some advice to improve your skills? Or are you that person that brings his DSLR camera along while traveling and your friends make fun of you by saying, “Yaar DSLR kya ley lia, apnay aap ko photographer hi samajhna shuru ho gaye ho”? (You think you are a photographer just because you own a DSLR camera?). Tripkar brings you a list of tips regarding travel photography for you to click some beautiful pictures and relish memories!

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The Ultimate List of Things to do in Lahore (Part I)

For anyone visiting Pakistan (or those who already live in Pakistan), Lahore should be on the top of your list! For those who love colors and flamboyancy, Lahore with all its sights, smells and tastes is sure to tickle all your senses. You’ll find people here that are a bit too loud and colorful but also the most hospitable and friendly.  The lively people of Lahore are always looking for something to do and TripKar brings to you a list of the top 10 things, in no particular order, that you must do when visiting Lahore!

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Famous inspirational Pakistani travelers.

3 Pakistani Travelers Making us Proud

Pakistanis are known for their adventurous spirit! Taking on new challenges, taking risks, doing things which have never been done before, let’s be honest.. Its all in our blood! Pakistani travelers are no different as well. Over the last few years we have been increasingly hearing about a number of travelers who have done a load of good for this country. Tripkar brings you information regarding 3 inspirational Pakistani travelers making us proud:

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