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Top 5 Entries for Discover Pakistan Photography Contest

Pakistan is blessed with the epitome of beauty. From mountains to beaches and deserts, we are blessed to have it all. To encourage people to share their travel stories with us Tripkar has organized a “Discover Pakistan” competition where fans were asked to submit pictures from their tours and travels.

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Book a Hotel Online with Tripkar

It’s the era of the internet and everyone is catching up quickly. From restaurant reservations to home food delivery services, everything has gone online! Booking a hotel online is no exception. We at Tripkar offer the best rates and various hotel options to choose from within Pakistan. No matter where you are traveling to, we will get you a reasonable deal with just a few clicks so that you can book a hotel online easily.

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Trip To Gorakh Hill Station Sindh

When someone plans to spend their vacations in the craziest way possible, trip to various places of Pakistan immediately comes to mind. However, it is not always possible to go for a complete Pakistan tour due to time or budget constraints so it becomes difficult for people to choose between several options. Visiting beautiful hill stations of Pakistan has been a common trend in this country and people tend to have great experiences there. Here is some interesting information by Tripkar regarding Gorakh Hill Station:

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