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pakistan as a global village

Pakistan as a Global Village

Pakistan has not been viewed as a multicultural society. With its rich cultural background and deep intermixing of religious and native customs, little room is left for the country to be influenced by other cultures. Or so we thought. In retrospect, culture is bound to diversify as time goes on and the adaptive nature of people living in any community makes it impossible to avoid change. Tripkar brings you some interesting facts to consider Pakistan as a global village:

Foreigners visiting Pakistan.

The answer lies in an understanding the geographic characteristics of Pakistan. It is a host to the second highest mountain in the world, as well as the second largest natural deep sea port. It has deserts, and it has hills and rivers. It has forests and it has beaches. And due to this collective beauty of nature Pakistan becomes a center for trade, travel and tourism. If we glance into the history books and learn how beliefs and knowledge was spread, the trend always seemed to follow the trade routes. This behavior still hasn’t changed. Till date, areas which are crucial in trade routes (which Pakistan is), receive all sorts of visitors who bring with them their language, lifestyle and practices. And nowadays trade partnerships between countries boost the cultural exchange process more than ever. This will definitely promote Pakistan as a global village around the world.

Pakistan and China working on trading and developmental projects to boost economic activity.

A very basic and prominent example of this in Pakistan is our trading relationship with China. When Chinese developers came and started working on projects in Gwadar and areas of Sindh, a surprising development was that schools of Sindh declared Chinese to be a mandatory language in primary schools. In a few years, the young generation will be a gateway to the Chinese culture and practices due to their understanding of the language. This development speaks to you that Pakistan is, in fact, evolving as a global village.

foreign travelers are visiting Pakistan to explore and discover various places.

Another prominent way to judge Pakistan as a global village is the travelers. Granted that there are travelers in all parts of the world and to explore is their passion. But Pakistan has caught the eye of modern day “Ibn Battutas” so to speak. Travelers, who have chosen unorthodox modes of transportation, write about their journey and attract a large following due to their distinct sense of adventure. The likes of Moin Khan and Zenith Irfan, who have both explored the northern areas of Pakistan on their motorbikes, show a completely different face of the mountains and the people living near them. Another famous traveler who has made the journey from Europe to his homeland Pakistan, Kamran on Bike, employed his bicycle as a means of transport and has become one of the most followed travelers of this region.

Foreigners, camel riding at Karachi beach.

Apart from the travelers who originate from Pakistan, some international attention has also been recently received from famous photographer and blogger Brandon Staton who runs the page ‘Humans of New York’ on Facebook. The photographer painted a beautiful picture of Pakistan from his short tour by asking and sharing peoples’ life stories. Slowly but surely, Pakistan is becoming a hub for travelers and becoming a center of development which is helping it to evolve into a global society. Take a trip around this country and meet the interesting people, taking a piece of our culture while leaving your mark on us forever.

Happy travelling from Tripkar!

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