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Famous inspirational Pakistani travelers.

3 Pakistani Travelers Making us Proud

Pakistanis are known for their adventurous spirit! Taking on new challenges, taking risks, doing things which have never been done before, let’s be honest.. Its all in our blood! Pakistani travelers are no different as well. Over the last few years we have been increasingly hearing about a number of travelers who have done a load of good for this country. Tripkar brings you information regarding 3 inspirational Pakistani travelers making us proud:

Moin Khan

Inspirational traveler of Pakistan.
Having passions for both motorcycles and his country, Moin Khan decided to make the best of both. He decided to travel from San Francisco to Pakistan on nothing but his bike. Through his journey he suffered a number of accidents which led to some serious injuries, but his resolve to complete his mission stood unshaken. Moin reached Lahore, Pakistan on 31 December 2011. Today Moin Khan is working for women empowerment within Pakistan. He has opened a motorbike driving school for women in Pakistan which is also an attempt to empower women in the region as women motorbikes driver have never been looked upon favorably in the country.

Kamran Ali

Kamran Ali an inspirational traveler of Pakistan.

Born in Leiah, Pakistan, Kamran moved to Germany in 2004 to pursue higher studies! Today he holds a Ph.D. degree in computer science and works in a software firm in Germany. He is one of the inspirational Pakistani travelers who has garnered a lot of support domestically as well as internationally. On 2nd June 2011, Kamran left Germany for Pakistan on nothing but his bicycle, to complete a long impending dream. After 45 days of travel, he reached the half way mark in the Sivas city of Turkey. It was here that he got the news the hospitalization of his mother due to a heart condition. Kamran left everything on hold and flew straight to Pakistan from Istanbul, to be with his mother. Sadly, his mother passed away on 17th September 2011. Kamran was heartbroken, but his dream still stood incomplete. He went back Sivas to complete it from where he had left it. Finally he reached Pakistan after crossing a total of 28 countries throughout the course of his journey! Today he is well known in the travel and adventure loving community of the world and especially in Pakistan. He regularly holds cycling events in different cities in the country. Recently, he held an event in which he along with a number of others bicyclers traveled from Tashkurgan, China to Islamabad via the Karakorum Highway.

Samina Baig

Samina Baig an inspirational female traveler in Pakistan.

Samina is a mountain climber! She works to empower women in the country. In May 2013 she became the first Pakistani women and the third Pakistani to climb the Mount Everest, hence giving out a message that gender does not define your boundaries and limitations, but determination does! She is one of the best female inspirational travelers of Pakistan. Having conquered this huge feat at the young age of 21, Samina is out truly changing how young Pakistani women are perceived worldwide. Samina has since set the record of capturing the seven summits in record age of 23 years and record time.

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