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picking a good hotel accommodation.

Picking a Good Hotel Accommodation

Picking a hotel to stay in, is the most crucial part of travel planning.  Here are five tips from Tripkar that will help you in picking a good hotel accommodation to fulfill your travel needs!


Obviously you cannot stay in a hotel which is out of your budget. While picking a good hotel accommodation, make an estimate of how much you are willing to spend on your accommodation and try finding a hotel which suits both your budget and your travel needs. Remember the best hotel is not the most expensive one, but which suits your needs the best!


If you are traveling for a business trip then a hotel close to your workplace will be the best option. Similarly, if you are going on a vacation and want to explore the place you are visiting, then a hotel which is centrally located and gives you easy access to all the important points of your destination is more preferable!

Facilities Offered

Different hotels offer different facilities. Research upon which hotel offers facilities which are more relevant and useful to you. It’s no use staying in a hotel which has a large swimming pool if you don’t know how to swim! Also, look into which hotel has the least amount of extra fees! Some hotels charge extra for Wi-Fi or parking facilities. On the other hand some hotels even offer complimentary breakfast which can really ease up your budget! Try finding one which offers the greater amount of relevant facilities and, the least amount of extra charges.

Kids Friendly Hotels

If you are traveling with kids you might want to choose a hotel which offers facilities such as baby chairs, play areas for kids, fun activities for kids, movie screenings for kids, etc. Remember, it’s not just your vacation, but your kids’ vacation too! Let them have fun!


Check online reviews of different hotels, which will give you a better idea of where you would prefer to stay.

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