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planning a trip with friends

Planning a Trip With Friends

It’s always a great experience to travel with friends and to see the world whilst catering to your own responsibilities for a change. So for your ease, Tripkar brings you some useful tips when planning a trip with friends:

Having a Destination Plan

Decide on a travel destination.

Perhaps the most exciting part of planning a trip with friends include deciding which places you will be visiting. Be sure to make a proper decision agreeing with all your friends on which places everyone wants to see. It is important to get this decided beforehand as it is easy to miss out on some great experiences due to spontaneous ideas. All friends should make a list on where they want to go then through voting a final list of destinations should be decided (and no one gets to veto it).

Creating a Timeline

Create a travel timeline.

Of course, your parents trust you and are letting you roam free and on your own, but they’re still concerned about when you’ll leave and come back. Setting up a timeline is important for your safety as well so that people back home know not to worry. As an added benefit, a properly planned trip will feature more activities, and hence, guarantee more fun. Allotting time to your activities depending on how long they will take and including the time of your travel gives you a fair idea of how your trip is going to play out. Make a solid plan after consulting everyone and stick to it!


Decide on a travel budget.

One of the most troublesome part of planning a trip with friends include budget and its constraints. The budget holds great importance for planning a trip. A good budget covers hotel expenses, travelling expenses, food and drink expenses, and a little over the top fund for recreational activities and emergencies. For a carefully planned trip, planning a budget is easy and will rarely fail you, so make sure all of you pitch in equally and stick to the initial plan. Impulsive activities can be exciting but take a toll on your pocket. With simple travel tricks you can find the cheapest flight rates to suit your budget.

Modes of Travel

Various modes of travel are available.

Now comes the question of “how”. How will you get there, how will you come back and how will you get around in the city you’re staying in? In Pakistan, Daewoo is the most reliable option to travel between cities, even most businessmen use it. It can be a little costly but the coaster service for inner city makes Daewoo the best choice to travel. If there is a train route in the destination you’re planning on, that can make for a fun trip as well and is surprisingly very affordable. Before you leave, be sure to do some research on the local transport. Metro trains are a cheap option and take you to most tourist spots of the city in Lahore and Islamabad. For Karachi and other major cities, the local buses will have to come to your aid. It is also possible to get in touch with any friends or relatives who might offer you some support for a day or two.

What to Pack.

Pack lightly when you travel.

Be particular while packing. Keep the most needed items first and then pack them in a smart and space-saving manner. A first-aid kit is always the first on the list. Secondly, keep your identification; preferably keep a student card as well as it can get you great discounts at some places. For packing clothes, keep pairs that can cross match i.e. one shirt can work with more than one pair of jeans and vice versa. Pack only one pair of shoes and one pair of sandals (wear the shoes to save space). Folding and wrapping the clothes is recommended to save the most space and use it for first-aid kit as well as save some for souvenirs.

Use Tripkar!

Use Tripkar, an online website that curbs all your travel needs. is your best choice for planning a trip with friends. A variety of deals and packages (including tempting discounts) are prepared and employed by many tourists making them cheap and reliable. You can get a lot of information and help from as we ensure your travel is streamlined and luxurious mixed with excitement. The website includes various tour plan, hotel reservation and international hotel/flight comparison.

Happy traveling from Tripkar!

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