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Places to visit for a one day trip (مشہور سیاحتی مقامات) in Pakistan.

Popular One Day Trip Places in Pakistan

There are plenty of picnic spots and beautiful places in Pakistan that you can visit for a day to escape your daily mundane life. Although Northern areas are the first choice for many Pakistani adventure junkies but there are many other famous and awe inspiring tourist spots in the country. brings you a list of places for you to enjoy a one day trip with your friends and family:

Gorakh Hill Station

Gorakh Hill Station Karachi.

Gorakh Hill Station is Sindh’s highest point and lies on the border of Sindh and Baluchistan.  However, there are various twists, steep inclines and sudden curves looking into deep ravines, that requires an experienced driver and a powerful vehicle to drive through and reach Gorakh Hill Station.

Badshahi Mosque

Badshahi Mosque in Lahore.

Lahore, known as the city of gardens is home to some of the most beautiful architectural and historical sights. Badshahi mosque is one of the biggest mosques in the world. Inspired by Mughal architecture and built using marble and red sandstone this historical religious shrine is a must-visit. The walls and roofs of prayer halls are decorated with Islamic calligraphy.

Qila Rohtas

Qilas Rohtas Fort in Jehlum Punjab.

The historical garrison fort is located near Jehlum, Punjab. Rohtas Fort has the following 12 gates, all of them are built in ashlar stone. Qila Rohtas was designated as the World Heritage Site in 1997. If you are interested in history and exploration this is the spot for you!

Hingol National Park

Hingol National Park in Gwadar.

This is one of the largest national parks in Pakistan. It rests on the Makran Coast in Baluchistan. The topographical features vary from barren forests in north to cooler regions in the west that have regular rainfall. This park is home to different plants and animals.

Wagah Border

Wagah Border in Lahore.

Wagah Border is located between Lahore, Pakistan and Amritsar in India. It is famous for its daily flag-lowering ceremony which is carried out by both countries before sunset. The gates are unlocked and the soldiers from both countries carry out a parade which then leads to lowering the flags, folding them, handshake between soldiers from both sides and shutting the gates. All of this is witnessed daily by spectators in Amritsar and Lahore every day, with chanting and singing.


Taxila in Rawalpindi.

According to tourism companies in Pakistan, Taxila is the abode of many splendid Buddhist establishments. Over 3000 years old, it is the main center of Gandhara. For history aficionados a one day trip to Taxila can be very interesting, there is a lot to learn and explore. It is 35km from the capital, Islamabad. It was designated as a World Heritage Site in 1980.


Mazar-e-Quaid in Karachi.

This is the mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam, founder of Pakistan, located in Karachi, Sindh. It is made of white marble and was designed by architect Yahya Merchant. While on a visit to this beautiful country, one cannot escape without visiting the founder’s grave. It is not only beautiful but also a place to remember the person who was behind Pakistan’s independence.


Mohenjo-daro in Sindh Pakistan.

It is an ancient Indus Valley Civilization city that flourished between 2600 and 1900 BC. Located in the Larkana district of Sindh, Mohenjo-daro means ‘mound of the dead’. Although no greenery around, this dry landscape is a beauty itself and its history is what makes it standout today.

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