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PTDC to Construct Resorts to Promote Tourism in Pakistan

Where sky high mountains are planked on the ground with pride; air blows in beautiful dales, carrying sweet fragrance of flowers; rivers gush, sprinkling melodious symphony everywhere; sand of sweltering desert shines in sunlight, gleaming like stars on Earth – who on Earth can deny that tourism in Pakistan cannot thrive? Any country bestowed with such sprouting natural beauty holds a significant position for tourists. Our country is known as the tourists’ paradise and the good thing is that PTDC (Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation) has started taking substantial initiatives to promote tourism in Pakistan (Northern areas) which are the nucleus of our beautiful Pakistan.

It is quite evident that tourism in Pakistan is having numerous prospects to grow and it can become a great source of goodwill promotion and revenue generation; ultimately contributing significantly towards the economy of the country. Although many factors such as dangling extremism in country were distorting the image of Pakistan resulting in a decline in tourism, however, development of these beautiful destinations was also one of the major concerns.

Taking serious steps towards the implementation of plans made on paper, PTDC has reportedly announced to construct tourist resorts at Naltar Valley, Mansehra, Haripur and Tarbela. These resorts are planned to be designed by blending comfort and lavishness. Moreover, special consideration is done to keep them economical; paving every possible path to foster tourism in Pakistan. This declaration has stirred a discussion on various forums on a national level regarding the future prospects of such initiatives for our tourism industry. This initiative is definitely a bright gleam on the dark sky, an inlet for hope of a better future, better image of Pakistan and an increase in the contribution of tourism towards the GDP.

Though this is a major declaration by PTDC, but the implementation has begun before the announcement. PTDC’s introduction of ‘Pakistan Tourism Friend Club’ was also part of this plan, which had been initiated long before and is reportedly enrolling 3,000 people. Its purpose was to promote tourism and to develop good will among people by providing some incentives to members of the club; the idea was welcomed warmly.

Along with this club, PTDC has also signed MoUs with University of Management and Technology and King Edward Medical College, core purpose being the joint promotion of tourism in the country. Another MoU has also been signed with Northern Areas Transport Corporation, and it is directed to promote tourism in gorgeous area of Gilgit-Baltistan, which solely has tremendous potential to attract wide clique of tourists due to its fairy-tale beauty.

With a positive news bringing about developmental changes in the country, Tripkar is also playing its trivial part in boosting tourism by arranging hotel bookings and tours to every worth watching nook and corner of Pakistan. We are all heels!

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