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Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways: Going Places Together

One of the fastest growing airlines in the world, Qatar Airways connects 150 destinations worldwide. With the latest fleet of air crafts and unequaled level of quality service, Qatar Airways has now become a pioneer in the civil aviation industry.

Qatar Airways History

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Qatar Airways began its operation in 1994, as a small regional carrier serving a handful of domestic locations. By 1997, the airline decided to expand its route network to international destinations including London, Cairo and Tokyo. The airways by 1998, had placed an order of six Airbus A320s and in collaboration with ‘Singapore Aircraft Leasing Enterprise’, leased four Airbus A320s for better airplane service.

The airline developed under the leadership of the CEO, Mr. Akbar Al Baker, and is now one of the world’s leading airlines, known for its service quality. Qatar Airways under efficient management became the first to introduce twin-deck Airbus A380-800 ‘Super Jumbo’ in their fleet.

In 2011, Qatar Airways reached a milestone of 100 destinations in its network route and was named the ‘Airline of the Year’. To live up to its name and award winning reputation, the airlines ordered eighty Airbus A320 Neo and eight A380 super jumbos and two Boeing 777 freighters.

By 2015, Qatar Airways owned one of the best and latest fleet of aircrafts and airbus. The airline has an extensive route of global network including Ankara, Copenhagen, Phuket and Nice. The airways has now launched a new campaign “Going Places Together’ with the aim to promote and encourage travelers to achieve  great things together and follow their dreams and ambitions. Qatar Airways was termed as the best airlines for the third time in 2015 and also won the award for the ‘World’s Best Business Class Airline’.

Qatar Airways Services

Travelers can enjoy world-class services and a luxurious travel experience tailored to meet their needs on-board. From flexible flight schedules to delicious and taste tantalizing dishes prepared by professionals to an exclusive entertainment center, one can enjoy the travel experience of a life time.

First Class

Qatar Airways first class

Experience luxury at its best by traveling first class. The Cabin is designed as a private sanctuary including ‘Ultra-comfortable Flat Bed’, elegant decor and exclusive features. Travelers, for their entertainment can choose from an array of latest movies, music and seasons. Your private space can be transformed into an exclusive work space with laptop plugs and on-air mobile service. The airline serves celebrity chef’s signature dishes with unique flavors to entice your culinary experience.You will be able to choose from a variety of beverages including fruity fizz, mock-tails or a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Business Class

Business class Qatar Airways

Termed as the ‘World’s Best Business Class Airline’ in 2015, Qatar Airways offers a new height of luxury for their passengers. The business class cabin has been designed spaciously to provide travelers with the ultimate experience. From personal service and storage to LED lighting adjusted to changing time zones, all your needs will be met. The cabin has been designed as a ‘High-tech Oasis’ including comfortable bed for you to relax in and work space to cater your professional needs. Various entertainment options are available with an intuitive touch screen system which includes a collection of movies and seasons to choose from. There is an exclusive ‘On-demand Menu’ with various dishes to savor that are exclusively prepared by the chefs. Unwind with a freshly brewed cup of coffee or fruity fizz prepared according to your preference.

Economy Class

Qatar Airways economy class

Economy class features comfortable and spacious seats with plenty of personal space to eat, work and sleep. The cabin features soft pillows, blankets and exclusive toiletries to suit your needs. Passengers can watch latest movies, TV programs and play video games for their entertainment. Qatar Airways staff goes an’Extra Mile’ to provide you with services. Laptop and USB plugs and cables are also available for you to stay updated. Delicious meals and desserts are prepared for quality dining and a selection of beverages is also available to choose from. Qatar Airways has special surprises planned for kids, including fun activities, toys, coloring boxes and their exclusive Mr.Potato Head kit.

Triple Bottom Line

Qatar Airways environmental awareness

It is imperative to consider that the impact of business operations may negatively affect the environment. The lethal consequences of carbon monoxide poisoning killing thousands every year, it is important for companies to opt for ‘green strategies and solutions.’

Qatar Airways poses a great example on being environmental friendly. The airline operates fuel and energy efficient fleet, airspace management, minimizing waste by introducing E-ticketing and has adapted measures to prevent air pollution. Qatar Airways in collaboration with International Air Transport Association is working on the development of global policy for managing and identifying opportunities to reduce weight and fuel consumption and efficient use of flight routes.

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