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fourteen reasons to love Pakistan

14 Reasons Why We Love Pakistan

Celebrate the spirit of independence with vigor and pride! Here are 14 reasons for you to fall in love with Pakistan all over again:

1. Beauty

Explore beauty in Pakistan

Pakistan is an epitome of beauty. From the second highest mountain peaks to turquoise blue lakes and valleys to picturesque sceneries, the country is blessed. Now, becoming one of the most visited tourist destinations, Pakistan is visited by both local and foreign tourists. Beautiful resorts are built around the majestic northern areas including Shangrila Skardu and Murree Hill Station. For nature enthusiasts various camping sites are available, to experience peace and serenity. Pakistan is blessed with lush green forests, streams meandering around meadows and surreal wilderness.

2. Food

Tasty tandoori chicken

From a myriad of mouthwatering Pakistani cuisines, to the taste tantalizing fusion dishes, we Pakistanis, love food! Be it the warm buttery naan, roasted tandoori chicken or the spicy biryani, Pakistani food is an experience you won’t forget. The spices and herbs create an aroma that will suffice your food cravings. Not to forget that we Pakistanis have given rise to the ‘Chai culture’. This milky brew concoction is not just a morning drink, but also an obsession. Pakistan is the third largest tea importer and seventh largest tea consuming country. You will find tea everywhere from the smallest dhaba located at the street corner to the most lavish wedding in the city, Chai is enjoyed by every Pakistani!

3. People

Abdul Sattar Edhi, deceased humanitarian of Pakistan

Where our image has been marked with a dark spot of terrorism, Pakistanis are lively people. We are known for our hard work, bravery and dedication. Some of the famous people of Pakistan includes Abdul Sattar Edhi, his dedication to the welfare of humanity has spoken volumes. A dedicated father to more than hundreds of orphans, providing shelter to people without any discrimination. The man is hailed as a hero across the country. Besides, we have the famous Pakistani first female war pilot, Ayesha Farooq who broke all stereotypes and emerged as a role model for all females aspiring to become pilots. Others including Saba Gul also an aspiring humanitarian has done wonders for underprivileged by providing employment opportunities to them.

4. Culture

famous Sindhi handicrafts

Pakistan is home to various multi cultural, ethnic and lingo-ethnic groups. Every province has its own cultural and traditional set-up. For instance Sindhi people are known for their beautiful handicrafts and their love for mutton curry. Similarly their traditional dress includes a particular ‘saraiki toppi’ differentiating them from other cultures predominant in Pakistan. Our beautiful culture is a part of Islamic civilization and draws value from rich Islamic history, a religion practiced widely in the country.

5. Weather

Experience all four seasons in Pakistan

From hot and humid summers, foggy, chilly and frosty nights in the winter, to a spell of rainy weather and blooming flora in the spring, Pakistan experiences all four seasons. There is an extreme variation in the temperature, including arid and dry weather during summers in the South to pleasant or moderate temperature in the northern areas. People from Punjab and Sindh often visit northern areas during summers for relief and vacationing.

6. Weddings

vibrant mehendi functions in Pakistan

Yes! we love weddings. From tasty dishes to celebrating rich customs to dressing up, weddings in Pakistan are vibrant. Families prepare for this auspicious event with great zeal and excitement. Cousins prepare various dance performances on the colorful and vibrant event of Mehendi. To the bride being adorned with jewellery and dresses on her ‘rukhsati’ to groom arriving in a fancy car, everything related to this event is enjoyed by everyone.

7. Dramas

Mor Mahal famous drama in Pakistan

Pakistan may not be famous for its movies, but the entertainment industry is reigned by the thought provoking dramas it has been producing for years. Most of them are  centered upon societal issues prevailing in the country, including domestic violence and abuse or discrimination regarding social classes and gender biases. Besides, the sitcoms have never failed to impress both local and international audiences.

8. Talent

Coke studio redefining music

Yes we are a nation of talented people! From gifted scholars to soulful musicians, we are known all over the world. Let us not forget the epic music produced by Coke Studio consisting of our amazing singers with its 9th season hitting off this year. Similarly Nescafe Basement Pakistan features young artists performing both local and international songs. We do not fail to impress the world even when it comes to sports. Small cities like Vehari has produced some of the best sportsmen our country is known for. Be it the best fast bowler of our cricket team, Waqar Younis, or the best hockey Olympians, we are known for our varied talent!

9. Festivals

Festivals in Pakistan

Be it Jashn-E-Azadi or our religious festival of Eid-ul Fitr, every festival is celebrated with happiness and joy. Where the religious festival of Eid-ul-Adha brings together people of all walks of life promoting brotherhood , the Independence Day makes all of us belonging to different religion, cast and creed to stand united. Apart from these two events, our country celebrates the famous ‘Sibi Festival’ known for showcasing folk lore, handicrafts and traditional sports. We also celebrate Shandur Polo Festival, which takes place on the highest polo ground in the world and ‘Lok Mela’ which is a famous cultural exhibition that encourages people to showcase their talent.

10. Architecture & Literature

The famous poet of Pakistan, Allama Iqbal

Home to poets including Allama Iqbal and Faiz Ahmed Faiz, four times Nobel Prize winner known for his contribution to intellectual and revolutionary Urdu literacy, our people have contributed a lot towards art and literature. Due to the rich history, we have numerous examples of beautiful architecture including the most famous Mughal Architecture, known for its elegance and luxury.

11. Jalsa-Culture

The rise of jalsa culture

How can we not mention the newly emerging ‘Jalsa-Culture’ with thumping music, colorful flags and people full of excitement calling out their political party slogans at the top of their voices! Known for our raging emotions whether it is the Pakistan vs India match, Wahgah Border parade or a political rally, we are a politically active nation. Our love for one political party and hatred for another knows no boundaries. Be it the vibrant political jalsa of PTI promoting justice, PML-N announcing new infrastructure or PPP reviving Bhutto’s legacy, majority of the people are now politically aware.

12. Start-up Culture

tripkar empowering travellers around the world

Pakistan is known to produce gifted intellectual students. Kids have risen from slums to become educated and change their lives. We have the resources and the mindset to prove ourselves. The rise of programs promoting startups in Pakistan and abroad has evoked the desire to pursue entrepreneurship as our career. Some of the famous entrepreneurial ventures include Marham: a platform that lets you find a doctor nearby, Auto-Genie: the famous car repair service providing technical assistance and of course Tripkar, facilitating travelers in every way and promoting tourism all over the country!

13. Shopping

shopping bazaars in pakistan

Our women are known for their love of shopping. Women’s cure to depression is the never ending retail therapy. Be it window shopping or trying out multiple outfits, we women shop our heart out! From international to local brands everything is available in our country. From flamboyant fashion boutiques to online portals to small roadside stalls, we all love shopping!

14. Raheel Sharif

thank you Raheel Sharif

And of course, thankyou Raheel Sharif!

Happy Independence Day!

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