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deosai plains

Reasons why Skardu Pakistan should be your next Travel Destination

The Northern Areas of Pakistan have long been a well-kept secret but now, with an increasing number of tourists heading there, the region is fast becoming a favorite holiday destination among many. Skardu Pakistan is the second biggest city in the region and the most important city in Baltistan division. It is also home to one of the two airports in Gilgit Baltistan, so it is likely that you’ll land in Skardu if you go there by air. Tripkar has compiled a list of some of the main reasons why you should visit Skardu at least once.

K2 Museum

K2 museum one of the reasons to visit pakistan

The K2 museum is a combination of history and the power of nature which was built back in 2004 to celebrate the successful climb of an Italian in 1954. It is situated in the garden of PTDC Motel in Skardu and a must visit for mountaineers and trekking enthusiasts.

Shangrila Resort

The beautiful shangrila Resort

Although there are many hotels in Pakistan but if you go to Skardu Pakistan, you would definitely want to visit Shangrila Resort as well. The resort is known for its location. The lake is majestic, and the surrounding mountains make you feel insignificant yet empowered.

Manthokha Waterfalls

Manthoka waterfalls skardu Pakistan

Another great place to visit is this majestic waterfall, accompanied by a melted glacier. The route is not lengthy, but the road conditions aren’t all that great so you may have to take a four-wheel drive with an experienced driver and not just your guide acting as a part time driver. Plan your trip with us and let us take care of that!

Katpana Desert

Katpana Desert Pakistan

Yes, you got it right! There is a desert right outside the city known as the highest desert in the world. On the way to Shigar, you will pass through a vast flatland which will take you by surprise because you don’t expect a desert to be there amidst the snow capped mountains.

Deosai Plains

Beautiful Deosai plains one of the reasons to visit pakistan

Deosai Plains are known as the highest plateau in the world! It is a treeless wilderness plateau loaded with natural beauty. This place is interlaced with streams and consists of a huge population of  brown bears and  golden marmots.

Satpara Lake

Satpara Lake in Skardu Baltistan

Satpara lake is an epic example of natural beauty and feeds the entire Skardu Valley. It is a deep blue lake with plenty of rainbow trout therefore it is considered ideal for fishing. The lake is surrounded by glacial mountains and right in the middle of the blue waters is a mini island.

Buddha Carvings

Buddha carvings on Satpara road, Skardu Pakistan

On Satpara Road is the Buddha rock which consists of Buddhist carvings, images and writings dating back to the period of Great Tibetan Empire. When the Buddhists of Gandhara migrated and passed by the current northern areas of Pakistan, they temporarily settled in some areas and made drawings of Stupas, scenes of their experiences and pictures of Buddha with texts in Kharoshti language.

Kachura Lake

Kachura Lake Pakistan

Although there are many majestic lakes in Pakistan, but this one is definitely one of its kind. Surrounded by colourful blossoms, berries and fruits is the fairytale-like Kachura Lake. The shimmering waters of the lake are perfect for fishing and during spring the lake unfolds true beauty since its banks are adorned by a multitude of colorful flowers, peach, apricots and apples!

So what are you waiting for? Take your camera, pack your bags and visit Skardu Pakistan with us for a lifetime experience.

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