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The long lost continent, Mauritia has been discovered by researchers.

Researchers Uncover Long Lost Continent: Mauritia

After disappearing for over 200 million years ago, scientists have discovered a long lost continent. A research team from University of Witwatersrand in South Africa discovered the continent deep under the Indian Ocean, near the island of Mauritius.

Long lost continent, Mauritius.
Beneath Mauritius’ volcanic surface may lie remnants of the lost continent Mauritia, believed to be 350 square miles in size.

The long lost continent, now known as Mauritia, is said to be split from a super-continent, Gondawanaland which is covered in lava fragments and volcanic eruptions. However, scientists have found remnants of a mineral known as Zircon on the long lost continent, which is over three billion years old. The new mystery which has resurfaced has caught attention all over the world.  University of Witwatersrand, professor of geology, Professor Lewis Ashwal professes that in order to uncover the continents history and formation a proper research study will be conducted.

It is believed about 85 million years ago, Mauritia was a small continent nestled between India and Madagascar. However, when India and Madagascar moved the small continent stretched and broke down. The remnants of the continent is now nestled below Mauritius.

Mauritia, the long lost continent is said to be a part of India and MAdagascar before it broke and nestled below Mauritius.

In 2015, a group of researchers visited Mauritius to study volcanic rocks. There the group discovered something unusual. Embedded deep in the volcanic rocks were ancient crystals which, upon further investigation were nearly 3 billion years. However, on this tumbling discovery researchers sought that the crystals came from a long forgotten ancient place buried beneath the island. The long lost continent and its origins was first introduced by Professor Lewis Ashwal, who researches geoscience in the University of Witwatersrand.

More and more remnants of old and ancient continents lurking on the ocean’s floor, are being found recently. This amazing discovery has led scientists to believe that there is more to Earth’s topography than researched.

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