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Serene Airline Launching Soon

Serene Air Finally set to Launch its Operations

More competition leads to better services – brace yourselves everyone, Serene Air is set to launch its operations by the end of this year!

Sources in the aviation industry claim that Serene Airline has been granted the legal permission by the air travel authority to start its private airline in Pakistan. According to its plan submitted to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the management has decided to launch its operations starting with domestic routes, by November or December this year, depending upon their implementation of the desired services.

According to rules, a company must have at least three aircraft to launch an airline. Once successfully operating domestically for a year, can only an airline apply for an international license. Therefore, Serene Air will fly on all the major domestic routes including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar and Multan.

Highlighting the potential of Pakistan aviation industry, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry Standing Committee on Aviation Chairman Muhammad Yahya Polani said, “Pakistan should launch more airlines on domestic routes as the availability of more air carriers will spark true competition and benefit passengers with lower fares and improved service quality.” He further added that the combination of all the three airlines, Pakistan International Airlines PIA, Shaheen and AirBlue, operating domestically consist of less than 100 aircraft in total which is below the required number to serve a country with over 220 million people.

Serene Air Aircraft

Relating to the same point, the United States’ United Airlines has more than 1,000 aircraft that cover 6,700 destinations everyday. Similarly, with a very small population, UAE airline also flies to more than 1,300 destinations on daily basis. With Serene Air in market, the passengers will get another option to fly at competitive fares.

As of 2017, Serene Air is pleased to announce domestic flights throughout Pakistan. Major domestic routes covered by Serene Air includes Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore and Skardu. The airlines will commence operations on 23rd January 2017 and offer quality air travel services. Besides competitive fares and prices, if you book your ticket through assigned agents you will be able to enjoy various benefits and discounts. For your ease, Serene Air has a user friendly portal for booking and information. You can further contact Serene Air’s ‘quick response’ support teams for queries.

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