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Shaheen Air International Limited

Shaheen Air International Limited: Expanding Wings

Shaheen Air International Limited started its operations as a national airline in 1993 with a mission to provide reliable and comfortable flight services to their customers. Keeping up with the demands of the passengers, the airline upgraded their services and now provides services for small consignments including  perishable items, luxuries and live animals. Shaheen Air provides daily flights to Karachi and Lahore and is the only airline in Pakistan that has the exclusive Airbus 330 in its modern fleet. Since its inception, the airline has been growing steadily and is now the second most recognized airline in Pakistan.

Shaheen Air International Limited History

Shaheen Air International Limited

The airlines formally started out as domestic carrier with flight schedules limited to major cities only including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar.

By October 1994, Shaheen Air International decided to expand its operations to international routes. These routes were based on some of the major tourist destinations including Dubai, London and Bangkok. Considered as some of the most visited places across the globe, these destinations have a range of tourist friendly accommodation.

Shaheen Air International Limited successfully earned the title of being the ‘Second National Carrier of Pakistan.’ However, by 2002 the airline decided to become a public limited company and the management was taken over by a Canadian company, with the intention to improve service quality. The airline opted for better aircrafts including Boeing 737-200 for comfortable in-flight experience. In 2005 the airlines introduced their corporate website with updated information about there services regarding booking tickets, flight schedules and hotel reservations.

In 2007, Shaheen Air International acquired two Airbus A310-300 from Turkish company and introduced new flight routes, covering Middle East.

By 2015, the airline is known for its comfortable travel experience and responsive management. Presently the airline conducts regular Airbus checks by qualified engineers. Transportation facilities have now upgraded by the introduction of new Boeing 737-400 and Airbus 330-300. Shaheen International Airlines limited future plan includes flying training, road transportation,adapting efficient measures for fuel consumption, fleet modernization and expanding operations to Europe.


Fly Bangkok with Shaheen Air

Shaheen Air International Airline aims to provide utmost care and comfort while traveling. The cabins in the airplane are designed spaciously with convenient storage space. The company has an in flight kitchen installed in their airbus and airplanes to offer freshly cooked meals to the travelers. The airline has now introduced E-ticketing, where travelers can easily book their flights through a PNR number generated by the website. However, the seat is confirmed upon payment. Customers can also pay for their tickets through debit and credit card service powered by Habib Bank Limited Pakistan.The airline also has plans to introduce E-check-In, a hassle free service for its customers.

With a number of services provided for the convenience of the passengers, Shaheen Air aims to compete with other airline companies and become the top choice of travelers. Visit Tripkar for a complete guide on travel and tourism.

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