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Shangrila Pakistan

Shangrila Pakistan: Heaven on Earth

Situated in the extreme north of Pakistan, the capital of Baltistan, Skardu is an epitome of beauty and wilderness. A popular tourist spot in Skardu, Shangrila Pakistan, is surrounded by mountain peaks, springs and streams and attracts thousands of thrill seekers every year.

Shangrila Pakistan

Shangrila Skardu Pakistan

Shangrila Skardu is known as ‘Heaven on Earth’ because of its outstanding beauty which is rich in fauna and flora. Wading path to some of the highest mountain peaks including K2, Skardu Pakistan is a heaven amidst surreal topography. For people who want to visit Shangrila Skardu, there are various flights and hotels available. However, for an adventure of a life time travel with the aid of your own cars or book bus tours from reliable websites such as, to enjoy breathtaking views and sight seeing. Shangrila Skardu is one of the most visited tourist hub for mountain climbing, trekking, hiking and other rejuvenating activities.

Skardu Weather

Snowy mountain peaks in Shangrila-Pakistan

With its location between mountain ranges and high altitude lakes, weather in Shangrila Skardu Pakistan varies between sunny to heavy rainfalls and snow storms  in winter, making it prone to avalanches and landslides. However, with its surreal landscapes in summer to snow laden mountain peaks in January, Skardu can be visited throughout the year.

Shangrila Resort

Shangrila Resorts overlooking the Kachura LakeBeing one of the most visited places in Pakistan, Shangrila Skardu has various hotel accommodation available, including camping sites for nature enthusiasts. Shangrila resorts offers a variety of rooms including basic and deluxe suites which have access to television, room service, comfortable bedding and 24-hour room service.There are lake side and Swiss cottages with balconies over looking the beautiful Kachura Lake, famous for trout fishing and surrounded by rich flora and forests.

There are various restaurants in the resort which boasts beautiful views along with a menu which suits the taste and preferences of all sorts of tourists.

Shangrila Skardu Pagoda Restaurant

Pagoda Eating Place at Shangrila

For people who love Chinese food, Shangrila Skardu Pagoda Eating Place offers tasty Chinese cuisines including delectable hot soups ideal for chilly nights and sumptuous food variety to enjoy. The restaurant celebrates ‘China Night’ and offers Chinese delicacies such as Ma Po Tofu, Wontons and Peking Roasted duck on its menu.  The Pagoda is located amidst, Honeymoon Lake connected to the Shangrila Resort by a short bridge.

Lake View Restaurant

Lake View Restaurant at Shangrila Pakistan

Lake View Restaurant, famous for its Pakistani and Continental cuisines and picturesque view of the lake, is one of the finest restaurants in Shangrila Skardu.

Cafe DC-3

Cafe DC-3 located in shangrila Resort

This eccentric cafe is located in an airplane, originally named ‘Alph Alpha Foxtrot’ which crash landed on the river bed and holds immense historical patronage from the 1950’s. The cafe serves a variety of snacks including fresh sandwiches and beverages and is known for its cabin crew hospitality.

Tandoori Village

Tandoori village in shangrila Pakistan

As the name suggests, ‘Tandoori village’ offers traditional Pakistani food including spicy chicken tikka and beef kebabs with buttered nan. This outdoor restaurant not only offers taste but scenic beauty and atmosphere to dwell and relish in.

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