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Mediterranean Cruise.

Shore Expedition: Mediterranean Cruise

From sandy beaches to pristine sea shores to immaculate ancient ruins that holds century old mysteries, Mediterranean countries are easily the most diverse and flavorful region to unwind! This summer opt for a shore odyssey and blend into exotic Greek history to laid- back treasures to sunny skies! Besides stunning scenery and mesmerizing waves thrashing around, you can visit a diverse array of cruise ports; promulgating culture and quaint village story fabrications. Seemingly, try savory cuisines including the famous ‘Courgette & Quinoa stuffed peppers’ for an experience to ponder and relive. Here are some pictures of the splendid Mediterranean Cruise that will make you go ‘GA GA’ and book tickets instantly!

Ajaccio, A French Island

Much of this French island is covered with lush natural reserves and pristine sandy beaches which makes it a perfect destination to start your Mediterranean Cruise.

Ajaccio A French Island


Dubrovnik, Southern Croatia

Dubrovnik, is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. The unique city is enclosed behind walls and is a perfect place for taking pictures.

Dubrovnik is a perfect destination to cruise around.


Venice, Italy

From world famous Italian cuisine to floating gondolas to high rise masterpieces of ancient art, Venice is the known city of romance and urban finesse.

Mediterranean Cruise from Venice is likely one of the most popular cruise port around the world.


Ephesus, An Ancient Greek City

Divulge into the exotic tidbits of mythology during a Mediterranean Cruise from Ephesus. The city is known to harbor the temple of Artemis; the Greek goddess of hunting and wild animals. The temple is one of the seven wonders of ancient world and has been the center of tourist attraction for many years. Besides, Ephesus has the world famous aqua park that features thrilling water rides and entertainment for your enjoyment.

Ruins of Ephesus is the center of tourist attraction for many years.


Rome, Italy

Rome is an epitome of beauty. Explore stunning ancient architecture and dwell into magnificent scenery on your visit to one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. From rich historical background to bustling market squares to ancient cultural rituals, you won’t experience a dull moment during your voyage.

Plan your Mediterranean Cruise from Rome, one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.


Santorini,  Aegean Sea

The famous city of Santorini, is known for its creation from a volcanic activity during the ancient time of Atlantis. The city hosts black sand beaches surrounded by crystal blue waters, hot springs and the adventurous volcanic hiking.

The ancient city of Santorini was created after a volcanic activity.

This year opt for a Mediterranean Cruise and visit some of the most beautiful cities in the world including Rome, Venice, Ephesus and Santorini and beckon with timeless and ancient treasures!

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