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Why slow travel is the best way to travel

Slow Travel: Let The Real Adventure Begin

Travel for new experiences,  adventures and memories to cherish. Instead of trying to discover the whole destination in a day or two, switch to slow travel mode. Spend some quality time, explore and discover to stoke your wanderlust. Instead of planning and setting targets, opt for experiences rather than sight-seeing. Find out schedules for cheap flights to travel savvy. Embrace everything around you, immerse yourself in the local culture, try out new things and interact with people to learn about them.

Slow travel is a state of mind, an experience that will change you for the better. Here are a few reasons for you to go beyond your travel bucket list!

You Really Don’t Need to Break your Bank

book cheap flights when you slow travel

Money can pose as a major constraint in travelling. It is obvious that you need money for transport, accommodation and leisure activities. However, slow travelling can help diminish your ‘money woes’. Set a budget and look for cheap flights. However, for an in depth experience, travel using public transports such as buses or subway stations which have cheaper tickets or ride a bicycle, which is good for your health too! Secondly, to book an accommodation, look for cheaper places or even hostels to stay.

Experience Adrenaline-charged Adventures

Slow travel and wander into forests

Many people believe in the notion that adrenaline charged adventures, basically involve activities such as diving from a cliff, mountain climbing, sky diving or dangerous sports. However, slow travelling introduces you to a new meaning of  adrenaline-charged adventure – new activities, exploring a new place, adapting to local culture and interacting with new people. Let nature safaris, waterfalls and dense forests be your guide and get an appreciation for a different way of life.

Make New Connections

attend festivals when you slow travel

Slow travelling lets you make new friends and connections. Engage with the people and place. See what’s around you, learn about the local landscape, the history, the food, attend festivals for an enriching experience. Engaging with people will let you discover more, they can guide you to places that may be infamous, but hold immense knowledge and historical patronage. Connecting with locals is the essence of slow travelling. Learn their language, a useful skill for many and learn about their ways, a key for global coordination and harmony.

Slow Travel and Forge Deeper Connections

walk when you slow travel

The purpose of slow travelling is the power to discover something new within us and change for the better. Travel solo, for deeper connections. Travelling with a group or a partner may pose constraints especially when you don’t share the same travel objective or desire. Sit in a cafe, enjoy famous beverages the place has to offer and let the culture reveal it self.  Check online for cheap flights and walk instead of travelling through buses or cars. Visit the bustling markets and savor small road side stalls, that is what traveling is like. Challenge yourself, do something you have never imagined before instead of ‘safe choices’.

Slow travel and explore endless possibilities with Bag new experiences and discover the world like no other!

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