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Solo Travel Destinations in Pakistan

Overshadowed by propaganda and a wave of terrorism, thinking about solo travel in Pakistan is hard to believe! There is a fair bit of taboo surrounding travel in Pakistan, but honestly, the country is a safe place to visit. Undoubtedly blessed with mother nature’s abundant bounties, Pakistan is definitely a country to enjoy slow and solo traveling. From historic caricatures and monuments filled with medieval antiquity to natures disposition, visit the place yourself and you certainly won’t be disappointed! With no further ado, here is a list of interesting solo travel destinations in Pakistan for you to revel in:

List of Best Solo Travel Destinations In Pakistan

Mehrgardh – Solo Travel Destination


Amongst the sandy dunes of the majestic Balochistan lies the ruins of Mehrgardh. This historical bygone village hosts archaeological treasures dated from 6500 BCE to 5500 BCE. Around thirty-two thousand artifacts have been collected from this village indefinitely proving the existence of Mehrgardh civilization. Visit this destination as a solo traveller to dwell into rich historical cognizance and a chance to interact with the ever welcoming locals!

Takht-i-Bahi – Solo Travel Destinations


No doubt the northern areas of Pakistan is praised around the world for its picturesque beauty and abundant natural formations to marvel onto! However, if you are looking for a trip to the past, look no further! Takht-i-Bahi was a Zoroastrian complex, later turned into a Buddhist monastery.  Dating back to 1st Century BCE, Takht-i-Bahi is regarded as a rich historical and religious complex by many. The site was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in the 1980s. As a solo travel, behest, you won’t be disappointed. The ruined site provides stories of lost battles and struggles to the fantastic diegesis of Khushan Dynasty and Hun rulers.

Ratti Gali Lake – Solo Travel Destinations

Ratti Gali Lake

One of the top solo travel destinations in Pakistan to ponder is the Ratti Gali Lake. Accessible from both Dawarian and Noori Top, Ratti Gali is a high altitude alpine lake situated in Neelam Valley of Pakistan. During the summers the whole area becomes this spellbinding green paradise. The lake turns into a crystal blue natural basin filled with silent waters, surrounded by lush green meadows and wildflowers. Even in winters, the lake becomes a sight to behold. Covered with white snow and radiant alpine plantations the place will certainly instill moments to ponder your entire life.Ratti Gali lake is the beautiful lake in azad kashmir and best solo travel place. If you planning to visit Ratti Gali Lake alone, this might be a wise decision on your part! the locals there are very hospitable and will certainly accompany you along with their rich storytelling and fabrications to enjoy.

Pishin Valley – Solo Travel Destinations

Pishin Valley

Situated almost 50 kilometers from Quetta city, Pishin valley is prepossessingly beautiful! The valley is surrounded by acres of fruit orchards and natural vegetation. The valley is known for its fertile soil and provides sustenance to adjacent villages in the locality. Apart from the valley the place also hosts a quaint little market that sells locally manufactured goods. There is a man-made spring constructed for irrigation purposes. If you are traveling alone make sure to attend cultural festivities and harvest programs, Pishin valley is also known for hosting traditional folk dances that are enjoyed in merriment and high spiritedness.

Hussaini Hanging Bridge – Solo Travel Destinations

Solo travel destinations in Pakistan.

Despite the recognizance of commercial aviation, there are certain parts of the world that are extremely hard to traverse. One of those places is the Hussaini Hanging Bridge located above Borith Lake, Upper Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan. The bridge is formed using rickety cables and wooden planks that can certainly send shivers down your spine. Many planks are missing and strong winds shake the bridge as you cross it. Despite its dangerous looks, however, the Hussaini is a relatively safe bridge and has become something of a tourist draw, with hikers testing their nerves as they carefully work their way across. However, if this is on your list as one of the solo travel destinations in Pakistan make sure you have the necessary equipment to cross it or a local to accompany you!

For all solo travelers, Pakistan is definitely your next destination to visit!


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