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Sultan Ahmed Mosque.

Sacred Destination: The Sultan Ahmed Mosque

The alluring domes and six graceful minarets of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque constitute to one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. The historical and architectural marvel is commonly referred to as the Blue Mosque pertaining to the blue titles and walls. Sultan Ahmed Mosque was built during the rule of Ahmed 1 (1609-1616). Besides being a Muslim house of worship the mosque entails a school or madrasa and a hospital.

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PTDC plans to reopen Satpara Lake Motel after 10 years.

Satpara Lake Motel is Set to Reopen after 10 years

After 10 years, Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) has decided to reopen its motel at Satpara Lake, Skardu. The motel had to be closed because of the construction of Satpara Dam, making it inaccessible for tourists. PTDC Managing Director, Abdul Ghafoor has reported that the motel will be restored introducing new services and facilities, spurring intense competition for other motels located nearby.

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World Tourism Day celebrations at Tripkar.

World Tourism Day Celebrations at Tripkar

We at Tripkar celebrated World Tourism Day 2016 at its fullest. The aim of this day is to ponder upon the significance of tourism and its social, economic, political and cultural value to the economy. To celebrate this day we planned a fun filled evening amongst our colleagues with the objective of creating awareness and inform people about this day’s importance.

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This is why you should travel.

This is Why You Should Travel

Everyone loves to travel. Be it vacations, trips or a simple weekend getaway, travelling provides new experiences to ponder, adventures and memories. But that’s not it, where travel provides you with various stories to muse on there are major health and personal benefits too. Traveling provides you with increased feeling of happiness, satisfaction and even reduces risk of heart disease. Tripkar brings you inspirational reasons for you to pack your bags and travel the world!

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