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saiful malook myths

The Tale of Saiful Malook

From among a range of tourist attractions in Pakistan, Saiful Malook is probably the most beautiful lake with breathtaking scenic view. Located near the famous town Naran, Lake Saiful Malook lies at an elevation of approximately 3,224 meters above sea level. The highest peak in the valley namely Malika Parbat is near this lake as well, enabling the tourists to witness the beauty of the peak from the lake.

Due to a large number of beautiful, historical and archaeological sites in Pakistan, you may hear myths about various places. The most common ones include that of Ansoo Lake, Katas Raj Temple and Lake Saiful Malook. The myth about Saiful Malook is quite interesting and the fact that it is somewhat like an open-ended fairy tale seeks more tourist attention.

The Story of Saiful Malook

lake saiful malook in naran pakistan

While there is just one myth about how the lake came into existence, there are two further myths about how the story ended. Once upon a time, a prince named Saiful Malook was exploring the area of current day, Lake Saiful Malook. While wandering, he saw a fairy dancing where the lake lies today. The prince got influenced by the beauty of the magical creature and in an attempt to seek her attention stole her clothes. Eventually, the fairy agreed to marry Saiful Malook in return for her clothes and thus a love story was established in the area.

However, the story did not end well. On hearing about this agreement between the beautiful fairy and prince Saiful Malook, the fairy’s demon lover got enraged. Out of anger, the demon flooded the entire Kaghan Valley and trapped the fairy somewhere in the mountains. When the flood subsided, the prince returned in search of his love but found nothing but memories.

Contradiction & Ambiguity

beautiful image of frozen lake saiful malook

Some believe that even today, the prince’s soul lands on the lake on full moon nights in search of the fairy. According to another relevant myth, fairies come here to bathe on every full moon. Where some people believe that the prince could not find the fairy, others believe that he never gave up and fought the demon. He finally rescued the fairy from the mountains after fighting the enraged demon.

According to another myth, the prince and fairy were hiding inside a cave in the lake when the giant demon was in search of them. According to the same myth, presently, torches and mobile phones do not work in that particular cave.

The breathtaking beauty of this lake in the northern end of Kaghan Valley makes these myths sound real. It actually feels like heaven when you are at Lake Saiful Malook. Unsurprisingly, majority of tourists from Pakistan and abroad claim it to be the best and most beautiful tourist spot of Pakistan.

The myths and stories of Saiful Malook continue to spread and contradict, sparking interest in the mystical yet beautiful lake. For this reason, a number of cheap and budget friendly hotels have been built, facilitating the tourists.

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