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World Tea Tours.

Tea Adventure Travel: World Tea Tours

Tea junkies rejoice! Prepare yourselves for tea tours arranged for you to enjoy. You can relish in tea plantations spread across acres, exclusive nature walks and learn interesting historical facts about tea and its origins. Tea tourism has emerged recently with people exclusively asking for tea tours to revitalize. Tripkar brings you a list of places for you to explore the wonder of tea plantations around the world:

Kiambethu Tea Farm, Kenya

Situated outside Nairobi, Kenya is the plush green Kiambethu Tea Farm. There are beautiful English cottages surrounded by tea plantations creating a gorgeous village. The farm grows premier quality black tea which is mainly exported to United Kingdom. The owner of the tea farm is widely known to cater visitors from all over the world. You can enjoy nature walks, learn about black tea plantations and its manufacturing. The English cottages are available for accommodation where you can enjoy freshly brewed black tea and relish in its soothing aroma. Adjoining the tea farm is a thick green forest, which is famous for jeep safari.

Beautiful English cottages are built in Kiambethu for hotel accommodation. Exclusive tours to explore beautiful tea gardens and plantations.

Beijing Tea Farm, China

For more than 5000 years, tea has been an integral part of Chinese routine. Visitors can explore vast green fields of tea plantations surrounding ornate temples and monasteries holding immense historical importance. There are detailed and verdant tea tours where you can hand pick and brew your own tea. Beijing tea farms have guided tea factory tours and visitors can relish exclusive tea tasting. Adjoining the tea farm is a tea super market where you can buy souvenirs and explore various species of tea plantations and its properties. Tourists can also learn about the manufacturing of a rare yellow tea exclusively grown and sold in Beijing only. You can also enjoy the special three course tea made by Bai people, a minority group residing in China.

Hand pick your own tea for a freshly brewed cup of hot beverage and tea tasting. Manicured tea bushes in Beijing.

Tokyo Tea Farm, Japan

One of the essential component of a Buddhist ritual, tea is widely consumed by Japanese people as part of their religious ceremonies as well as daily routine. Visitors can enjoy tea tours in serene gardens and bustling tea factories. Dwell into an exclusive Japanese tea ritual involving the preparation of Matcha, a powdered form of green tea. Visit the famous Sen Cha Tea gardens, where you can hand pick tea as well as indulge into specially prepared tea meals. You can also attend focused lectures on tea and learn about its interesting historical origins and preparation methods. There is an exclusive World Tea Museum bustling with tons of information to ponder and contemplate. You can learn about the making of the world’s most expensive green tea, Gyokuro, known for rejuvenating brain cells. Visitors can also stay at a traditional tea house located near the farm where you can wander through sacred temples and perform Zen meditation.

Macha is a powdered form of green tea and is one of the most expensive tea produced in Japan. Tokyo tea farms are situated amidst beautiful sceneries.

Ceylon Tea Tour, Sri Lanka

Known as the homeland for tea plantations and production, Sri Lankan tea is exported all over the world. A tropical paradise, Sri Lanka has a rich, colorful history dating back to 2000 years. From lush green tea plantations to organized factories, dwell into the world of exclusive Ceylon tea. The tea tour includes a rejuvenating walk around the tea gardens, ocean side afternoon tea and factory tours. The Ceylon Tea Tour also includes tea tasting, visit to a renowned tea broker and meditation at the famous Buddha Tooth Temple, where you can also attend informative tea lectures. For tourists, there is a trek to Ceylon’s historic tea gardens located amidst elephant conservation center and tea blending and flavoring plant. While visiting Sri Lanka do explore the Uva district known for growing high quality black tea.

There are tea trails made in Ceylon for people to connect with nature and enjoy freshly brewed tea. People enjoy freshly brewed tea made and prepared in front of you. Beautiful tea farms are spread across acres for tourists and visitors to explore.

Darjeeling Tea Tour, India

India is the world’s second largest producer of tea. The great land of diversity is famous for ‘Masala Tea’ made by brewing black tea, cinnamon and cardamom. Guided by tea experts and guides the exclusive Darjeeling tea tour includes many activities. There are nature walks in the beautiful tea gardens, a grandeur tour on the lofty mountain peaks, learn how to pick and make tea, informative tea factory tours and tea tasting meetings where you get to meet other tea enthusiasts. Visitors will also get the chance to taste tea from street side vendors famous for serving strong black tea. You can also learn about tea grading and quality standards essential for preserving medicinal properties.

Beautiful tea farms are located in Darjeeling and Assaam for visitors to explore and learn about tea brewing and processing.Masala Tea is widely served across India and has various health benefits. Women hand pick tea from bushes which is then sent to factories for further processing.

Book a hotel online and enjoy exclusive and informative tea tours that are gaining popularity across the world!

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