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technology ruined traveling experience?

Has Technology Ruined Traveling experience?

The television advertisement campaign for the Samsung Galaxy S5 showed how a man on a journey uses his high-tech phone for all sorts of purposes, never getting lost, recording his memories and staying in touch with the people back home. If I had to summarize the relationship between travel and technology, this would be the best example. The argument that travel is to get away from the world and “unplugging” yourself is, in my opinion, only up to the traveler. So the question remains whether technology ruined traveling experience or has it made it better?

Technology has had a drastic effect on travelling, like everything else in our world. The question is whether technology ruined traveling or enhanced it? I will try to keep unbiased while writing on this topic, but as you read you will come to realize that technology’s positive effect on travel is massive. Let’s go over some of the inventions which were made solely for the purpose of travelling. Automobiles (cars, ships, trains and airplanes), online hotel booking, bags with wheels on them are just some thing off the top of my head. All these inventions make travelling blissfully easy. Now let’s consider how some of the different inventions are helping us for travel. The Global Positioning System (GPS) was army equipment created for spying purposes and is now in every car and every phone, making sure we never get lost. The camera, which gives people a chance to capture images of places that they’ve never been to and might never get a chance to witness again. Travel guides are printed to ensure you can fully discover new places. High quality diving, trekking and climbing equipment aids travelers in their adventures and pushes the limits to where man can reach. Travelling has been made faster and precise to fit it into our busy lives, making trips more fun packed and time saving. Tripkar makes your travelling better and easy by helping you plan your trip and giving you a vast choices to book a hotel online anywhere in Pakistan! We owe all of this to technology.

The travelling experience is much better considering that you can find your way out of a forest using your GPS, and people who say it is fun to get lost obviously haven’t been left behind in supermarkets as a child. Taking pictures while traveling and sharing your experiences with the world is another blessing so you can give everyone a glimpse of your experience. Of course people would argue that mobile phones have become more of a distraction and keeping one around will take the fun out of travelling but at the same time a mobile phone is used for more than just socializing. The answer to this argument is very simple; it depends on the user on how they want to use the technology that they have. Additionally, where some people would want to be completely free of any devices, some travelers have a passion for photography and couldn’t stand to stare at the beauties of the world and not take a picture. It depends on how you prefer to travel and what you want out of a trip. Some people travel to disconnect whereas some people travel to reconnect with the world!

So has technology ruined traveling experience? We could rephrase and politically correct this sentence into ‘technology has changed the travel experience’ and let our journeys and choices speak for us. Happy travelling from Tripkar!

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