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Terrifying Bridges of Pakistan.

Beautiful and Terrifying Bridges of Pakistan

Pakistan is a heaven for travelers, and even more heavenly for travelers who like adventure. Tripkar brings you a list of terrifying bridges of Pakistan for all the adventure lovers out there!

Bridge in Ghizar Valley to Ishkoman

Bridge in Ghizar Valley to Ishkoman.

Bridge between Gilgit and Baltistan

Bridge between Gilgit and Baltistan.

Bridge connecting Skardu to Deosai National Park

Bridge connecting Skardu to Deosai National Park.

Hussaini Hanging Bridge at Hunza

Hussaini Hanging Bridge at Hunza.

Bridge connecting Gilgit to Danyore Bridge

Bridge connecting Gilgit to Danyore.

For adventure enthusiasts crossing these terrifying bridges of Pakistan will pose a great challenge. Make sure to be equipped properly and accompany a tour guide in order to enjoy beautiful and scenic views surrounding these dangerous bridges!

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