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The beautiful Bagh in Azad Kashmir.

The Beautiful Bagh in Azad Kashmir

Bagh is the capital city of Azad Kashmir, situated on a confluence of two gushing rivers, Mahlwani and Mahl. The city’s tradition, culture and values closely resembles Poonch district situated in India. The beautiful Bagh in Azad Kashmir is surrounded by lush green foliage and vegetation. Visitors can also explore the famous Haji Pir Pass, situated just 30 kilometers from the city.

The word, Bagh means greenery and as the name reflects this place is one of the most viridescent areas in Azad Kashmir. Besides being situated amidst forested hills and turquoise blue lakes the area is also environmentally protected by the forest department. Considering the climate changes in Pakistan and propelling effects of global warming, the beautiful Bagh city ensures a refreshing change.

The beautiful Sudhan Gali in Bagh offers an ideal spot for camping and hiking.

There are various places for tourists and visitors to dwell in. The entire northern area of Bagh is a mountainous region. The famous Pir-Panjal range lies here and the lofty mountain peaks are covered with coniferous trees. Besides creating a breath taking spectacle,  adventure seekers can revel into adrenaline filled escapades such as mountain climbing and trekking.

The beautiful Bagh in Azad Kashmir is known for its greenery and agriculture.

The locals living in Bagh are devoted to agriculture and forestry. You can find poplar trees in abundance including walnut, willow, kikar and akhore. Bagh in Azad Kashmir is also famous for growing red roses, dahlia and daffodils. There are various fruit nurseries built by the agriculture department. Bagh also hosts a wild life sanctuary. Many endangered wild life species including the Leopard cat, Himalayan brown bear and Pakistan’s national animal Markhor can be found here.

Bagh is the capital city of Azad Kashmir.

There are various places to visit in Bagh including the famous Sudhan Gali. Located at height of 2134 meters from sea level, the scenic spot hosts a base camp for camping and hiking. The government also plans to construct a chair lift and resorts to promote tourism. Another famous tourist destination to visit is Dheerkot. Situated at an altitude of 1676 meters above sea level, Dheerkot offers breath taking scenery. Tourists can dwell into beautiful green landscape and thick forests ideal for exploration and camping. You an find various historical tidbits in Neela Butt an ideal destination for history fanatics.

Visit the beautiful Bagh city located in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.

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