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The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride event in Karachi, Pakistan.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is an international charity event that raises awareness and funds for the Movember Foundation Men Health Programs. The charity was first found in Sydney, Australia by Mark Hawwa. The founder of the charity decided that a themed ride will be initiated. Including men dressed in suits and riding classic and vintage styled motorcycles. This will not only promote unity and their aim to fund cancer research, but also bring together niche motorcycle communities. The success of the event encouraged Mark Hawwa to expand this worthy cause across the globe.

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride in Sydney, Australia.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride focuses on prostrate cancer awareness and treatment as well as suicide prevention programs. The international charity event collaborates the art of being dapper, vintage motorcycles and aims to complete their yearly fundraising goals. This time on 26th September 2016 the international event took place at Karachi.

Dressed in chic classic formal suits and more than 150 bikers in Karachi came together to raise funds for the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. Pakistani men became a part of the hugely successful international charity event  to raise awareness about the deadly disease- prostrate cancer in men. Last time almost 100 men on bikes participated but this time almost 200 men decided to join the charity event. Even Pakistani women decided to join the bikers group with their vintage bikes. Breaking stereotypes in a patriarchal society, where women riding bikes isn’t a widely accepted norm. one of the women biker, Mehwish Ekhlaque decided to join the group with her newly painted white 1986 Honda CDI 1200.

Besides promoting awareness about prostrate cancer and suicide prevention, the international charity has also taken initiatives to improve mental health. The organization aims to create awareness regarding well being, mental health literacy and risks associated with cancer treatment.

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