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Ice Hotel Quebec.

The Frozen Spell: Ice Hotel Quebec

The Hotel de Glace de Québec is an icy state of the art hotel that perfectly insinuates the beauty of north pole. Besides being the only ice hotel in North America this place is surrounded by spectacular ice and snow sculptures everywhere you look. There are around 44 rooms and suites where you can stay and marvel at the stunning architectural marvel. Ice Hotel Quebec is open from January to March and is constructed with a new theme every year, never disappointing its guests!

The rooms as Ice Hotel Quebec are entirely made up of ice and snow.

This year theme the ‘Northern Perspective’ perseveres around the exploration of Arctic Circle and North Pole through icy and snowy visual representation. There are three ice bars, ice chapel and numerous other carvings that will leave you reeling in awe.

stunning ice sculptures at Ice Hotel Quebec.

Ice Hotel Quebec includes a new theme every year to entertain their guests.

However, if you are a little worried about the cold and sleeping in a room entirely made up of ice, do not worry. There are various information sessions and kiosks that will guide you. The hotel provides you with an insulated sleeping bag that covers you from head to toe and keeps you warm. There are various hot tubs and sauna facilities in the Ice Hotel Quebec. Post script, do not forget to bring a hat and scarf if you plan to stay in the hotel accommodation. For your safety the hotel also ensures a room at the nearby Valcartier Hotel, should you feel uncomfortable.

If you do not wish to stay overnight, you can also visit the hotel to marvel at the stunning icy sculptures. Adjoining the Ice Hotel Quebec, is the snow tubing park. Another adrenaline fueled snow themed park that spans over 5 acres. Besides snow tubing you can ski, fo go for a mountain hike and also try new activities including fat biking, mountain biking, horseback riding and sky ride. There is a water park as well and includes the famous thunder fall ride that swirls around the hill side in clear spring water.

snow tubing park is situated nearby to the Ice Hotel in Quebec.

besides lodging Valcartier Hotel has an amazing amusement park that includes various rides for recreation.

Plan your trip with your friends and family to an exciting stay at the Ice Hotel Quebec and have the adventure of a lifetime at the wild Snow Tubing park!

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