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rivers of pakistan

The Rivers of Pakistan

Flowing rivers are like blood for a country, which flows in its veins; enabling life with its every gush, nurturing life with its every turn, sustaining life with its every ripple. This world is all about life, so are rivers! This fact can be asserted by the affirmed fact that previously, early civilizations laid foundation of their society near the rivers. Pakistan is also bestowed by nature with this lifeline; rivers, in fact there are more than 60 small and large rivers in Pakistan. These rivers run through the length and breadth of Pakistan, sprinkling life everywhere. Tripkar brings you interesting information regarding the rivers of Pakistan:

The beautiful river Indus.


Northern areas of Pakistan are a gift of Allah; this declaration gets affirmed by the fact that Northern areas of Pakistan, significantly Himalaya, Karakoram and Hindukush mountain ranges are the central points of originator of major rivers of Pakistan. The main character of this story ‘Rivers of Pakistan’ is Indus river, which originates from Kailas mountains of Tibetan Plateau in China and while roaring through Jammu and Kashmir, spurts into Pakistan. It gets accompanied by the River Kabul near Attock city; can you see that the story is gaining momentum?

The beautiful river Chenab.


The story reaches at its climax when four more characters of our story i.e. rivers, namely the Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi and Sutlej, join the Indus River. Though, these rivers originate from India before entering in Pakistan, but Indus Water Treaty between India and Pakistan made it possible for Pakistan to have its share of bounteous water. All these rivers, originating from Northern highlands, are merged together at the place of “Panj Nadh”, before pouring into Indus river; that is how grand Indus River Basin is formulated. Spreading its impetus vibes all over, our hero: The Indus River, at last falls in the Arabian Sea. The end of this story is: Everyone lived happily thereafter; end of one story, beginning of another!

Visit and explore river Jhelum.


As per, Indus Water Treaty between Pakistan and India, Pakistan only have claim over western rivers i.e. the Indus, the Jhelum and the Chenab. To effectively use these rivers, Pakistan has developed over 3 major storage reservoirs, 19 Barrages, 82 Small dams, 57 major canals etc., making a stout irrigation system. These rivers of Pakistan are not merely a source of drinking water for people of Pakistan, but they are also used for irrigation purpose, generating hydro-power electricity, nurturing numerous varieties of plant and animal species. Besides all these purposes, these dams like Tarbela and Mangla are also a favorite destination for family picnic as well as school and college’s trip; having all the additives for making the trip worth remembering.

The beautiful river Sutlej.


Considering the significance of these rivers, Government should take initiatives to save the water of these rivers from wasting by building more reservoirs. As, with the passage of time the demand of water is elevating, whereas, water supply is declining, so we really cannot overlook the demand of building new water reservoirs. Moreover, Government should also save the purity of these rivers by condemning people and factories from throwing garbage and spilling harmful material in them., besides arranging trips to Tarbela and Mangla dams, also assures cleanliness and purity of the water, because we believe: Water is a blessing and blessings should be given respectful valuing; so do we give!

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