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The Ultimate List of Things to do in Lahore (Part I)

For anyone visiting Pakistan (or those who already live in Pakistan), Lahore should be on the top of your list! For those who love colors and flamboyancy, Lahore with all its sights, smells and tastes is sure to tickle all your senses. You’ll find people here that are a bit too loud and colorful but also the most hospitable and friendly.  The lively people of Lahore are always looking for something to do and TripKar brings to you a list of the top 10 things, in no particular order, that you must do when visiting Lahore!

  1. Eating out

things to do in Lahore

Lahoris live to eat and for this reason you’ll find a restaurant at every nook and corner of Lahore. From Waris Nehari to Cosa Nostra, you are sure to find the cuisine that you like best. Visit the famous Food Street if you love all things desi and enjoy your meal with a fantastic view of the Badshahi Mosque. For those more inclined towards fine dining, visit the popular M M Alam Road where various eateries are located. Food places in Lahore are numerous and there’s no way you’ll go back disappointed!

  1. Shopping

things to do in Lahore

The fashion industry in Lahore is thriving with new shopping malls and brands opening their doors every other day. From designer outlets such as Elan or Faraz Manan to high street fashion brands like Khaddi, Sapphire or Generations to the local shops at Liberty Market, the shopping experience in Lahore is truly wholesome. For a more cultural experience, one can visit the famous Anarkali Bazaar and collect sovereigns. Mall of Lahore, Vogue Towers and Fortress Square Mall are also favored for their shopping experience.

  1. Cinemas

things to do in Lahore

The cinema scene in Pakistan has been truly revived with new cinemas opening up everywhere. You’ll find various new cinemas showing you the latest of Pakistani and Indian movies as well as Hollywood movies. You can experience the thrill of IMAX at Cinestar Cinema which also houses a franchise of Burger King. 3d movies are now shown at almost all cinemas and many popular shopping malls have their own in-house cinemas too. One can easily find the nearest cinema and enjoy watching the latest movies on big screen.

  1. Sights to see

things to do in Lahore

If you are visiting Lahore, there’s no way you can leave without visiting the various historical sites that are a part of Pakistan’s culture and heritage. For a spiritual experience visit the famous Badshahi mosque, the grandeur of the mosque is truly humbling. Lahore Fort is located right next to the mosque, a grand reminder of the royal Mughal era. Wazir Khan Mosque, Data Darbar and Minar-e-Pakistan are a few other historical places that one must visit.

  1. Theater & Performances

things to do in Lahore

Home to infamous Alhamra Arts Center, the theater scene has always remained alive in Lahore. Many theater companies have opened up in the city by students and graduates of renowned universities such as NCA and FAST and there’s always a show that you can catch at Alhamra, Ali Auditorium or Ajoka Theater. The actors and crew always seem to have put their heart and soul into the production which makes it a thrill to watch.

We know there’s a lot more to be done in Lahore so read out remaining list of things to do in Lahore!

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