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The Ultimate List of Things to do in Lahore (Part II)

The colorful city of Lahore has something to offer for everyone and the team at TripKar has compiled a list of their top 10 favorite things to do in Lahore. If you missed out on the first 5, you can read here.

So take note of as we bring to you the coolest places to visit and things to do during your stay in Lahore!

  1. Gardens & Picnics

things to do in lahore - gardensThere is a reason why Lahore is known as the City of Gardens, the reason being the abundance of lush green gardens and trees in the city. People here love to pack a food basket and go for a picnic with friends and family. They’d go as far as Changa Mango, Jallo or the newly establish Rana Resort and Green Fields Resort for a day full of familial fun and activities. It’s a joy to see kids running around, enjoying the freedom that these grounds have to offer. Mostly even the adults like to join in on the fun of long forgotten games and jokes! Remember to take a cricket kit with you and lots of water to keep yourself and the kids hydrated.

  1. Water Parks

things to do in lahore - waterparkSummers can be pretty harsh in Lahore but that doesn’t let Lahoris back away from having fun. Water parks are the perfect choice for recreation during the hot summer seasons and Lahore has many options to offer. Hit the recently establish Oasis Golf & Aqua Resort (free admission with a member of the resort) or the old and trusty Sozo Water Park for a day full of rides, water and fun! Don’t forget to carry a sunblock with you else you’ll leave with a pretty stubborn tan.

  1. Fun & Games

things to do in lahore - joylandIf you are traveling to Lahore with kids, it’s best to come prepared with knowledge of play lands and amusement parks in the city. Joyland has remained a favorite for the locals for decades and is a huge favorite for families due to its variety of rides and festive environment. Sindbad, located right next to Joyland, hasn’t lost out on its popularity either. The newly launched Wonder World has also received an enthusiastic response from kids and adults alike. Actually, some of these are good fun places for adults even so find the place closest to you for fun filled day!

  1. Zoo & Wildlife

things to do in lahore - zoo

Nature lovers will not leave from Lahore disappointed, along with lush green gardens Lahore boasts of one of the best and most well-kept zoos in Pakistan. The Lahore Zoo is frequented by families and is one of the most loved entertainments for children. The Lahore Zoo Safari Park requires a bit of a long drive but is worth it for the thrilling experience of driving close by tigers. Boating and fishing facilities have also been developed lately which make the long drive worth the fun.

  1. Spas

things to do in lahore - spaExhausted after all that traveling, shopping, picnics and what not? Head on over to one of the many spas in Lahore for a relaxing massage! Visit Nirvana in DHA for a truly luxurious and divine experience. Arammish and Gold Spa are also great options with a relaxing environment and an amazing staff. So visit a spa by the end of your trip and get home back completely refreshed!

The list of things to do in Lahore is non-exhaustive and we have only hit the nail on the head through this list. Let us know what you think we missed out on!

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