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wall of kindness

The Wall of Kindness

The nation of Pakistan has always been popular of its flaws more than its fine points. The people of Pakistan are popular as being violent, brutal, lazy, or conservative but Pakistani nation has always beaten many super powers when it comes to unity amongst the nation. They always join their hands together as one nation and stand against all the problems they face. Problems like poverty, illiteracy, terrorism, unemployment; they face them and solve them as one nation. They don’t care which ethnic group they come from, which city they actually belong to, or what languages they speak. They stand together and help the needy country-man. The latest example of the unity and kindness of the people of Pakistan is The Wall of Kindness being set up in almost every city of Pakistan.

The wall of kindness promotes unity amongst the whole nation.The idea of Wall of Kindness was initially started by the people of Mashhad, Iran, to support the needy people. But then this idea got viral on social media and was appreciated by many people. Now many countries in the world including Pakistan have adopted this idea of establishing a wall where people who can afford donating surplus food, clothes, shoes, books or other stuff can donate theirs and people can take whatever they need without feeling awkward or degraded. They have not to beg from other people for some essential things of everyday life and demean themselves.

The wall of kindness.The Wall of Kindness is a greatest phenomenal charity work, with the idea of hanging or putting what someone does not need and giving it to the people who actually need them. Clothes especially warm clothes for winters, sweaters, shawls, shoes, books and some other stuff are being donated by most of the people, so that needy people can use them. It has created a sense of attachment with the country fellow and has strengthened the emotion of patriotism and nation-hood amongst the people of Pakistan. It has also encouraged people to donate more and more to help the needy people of the nation. Pakistan spends 1% of its Gross Nation Income as a charity or donation, which is amongst the highest spending as charity amongst the nations.

In Pakistan the very first wall of Kindness was set up by Asad Ali Lodhi in Peshawar, followed by Rawalpindi, Lahore, Sialkot, Quetta, Sahiwal, Khuzdar and Karachi.

In Islamabad, Deewar-e-Meherbani is set up by Asad Chaudhry at 6th Road Siddique Chowk, Satellite town. In Karachi, two teachers of Bahria College Maria Waqas and Asmat, along with their students set up the Wall of Kindness and invited people to donate more and more. The students of PU ICS set up the great Walll of Kindness near Firdous Market, opposite Jam-e-Shireen Park in Lahore. These are very few of the many. The trend is being followed and other cities as well and Pakistanis are proving that they are their own example in charity and donation.

The spirit of helping others is inborn in the people of Pakistan. This is why Pakistan is considered one of the most charitable countries across the world. NGO’s and other welfare programs, individual and group charity campaigns and other works also donate to charity and work towards poverty alleviation.

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