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Pakistani Hospitality

The Wonderful Pakistani Hospitality

Pakistanis are good at a lot of things, but there is one thing at which they are downright invincible, no one, I repeat no one, can beat Pakistanis at being hospitable! Tripkar brings you 3 top reasons for you to visit and experience Pakistani hospitality:


Pakistani people are known for their hospitality.

This is one thing which is taught in this country more than anywhere else! Who doesn’t remember getting scolded by their parents when they got irritated by someone visiting their place? Guests are considered as a blessing from God and not a burden here! As the famous saying goes, “Mehmaan toh Khuda ki naimat hotay hain” (Guests are a blessing of God)


Pakistani people are known for their kindness and generous hospitality.
Pakistanis will go a long way to entertain their guests. Even if they themselves have very limited resources, they will make sure that no one leaves their house with an empty stomach at the very least! Hats off to those aunties especially who keep on saying, “Beta thora aur khao, kuch bhi nahi khaya tumney!” (Eat a little more, you haven’t eaten anything) and that too, after you have literally eaten so much that you feel like passing out!

Beautiful Face of Pakistan

Visit Pakistan for its beautiful tourist destination and hospitality.
Every now and then, there’s a news in the international media regarding a terror attack within Pakistan. This has led to deterioration of our image within the international community. On the ground, reality is totally different. While the world perceives every Pakistani as “terrorists”, in reality most of the people living in Pakistan are average peace loving and law abiding citizens. We condemn any act of terrorism as much as anyone else does. But when the world and the international media becomes blind to all the goodness this country has to offer, Pakistanis make it their responsibility to portray a positive image by being exceptionally hospitable to their foreign guests.

Besides visiting beautiful tourist destinations, here are beautiful reasons for you to visit Pakistan and enjoy generous Pakistani hospitality.

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