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Things to do in Dubai

People who look for adventure, thrills, picturesque landscapes and exotic places to enjoy and relax should look no more. Tripkar brings you a list of things to do in Dubai for an amazing experience.

Camel rides in Dubai

It is one of the most exciting things to do in Dubai. Desert Safari is a must-see place, where awaits a  journey through the desert on a traditional camel convoy. Tourists can enjoy the tranquility of  the desert and the vast landscape until they reach the Bedouin desert camp. Camels are well trained and there are professionals who can guide as well as explain the exotic Dubai history. Besides Desert Safari there are other places where you can enjoy camel rides such as Al-Sahara Desert Resort that offers  a 40 minute camel ride. If lucky, you may catch a glimpse of exotic gazelles too.

Camel riding

Skydiving Dubai

Plan ahead and book your experience for a surge of adrenaline and thrill, as sky diving is one of the most exciting things to do in Dubai. Skydiving from 13000 feet will fulfill your dream of flying. Experienced sky divers are there to fully guide and coach you. Adventure junkies can skydive solo, Tandem Jump and experience the thrill of gyro-copter flight. Moreover, there are professional photographers available to capture your sky diving experience.

Sky diving

JetBlade Fly-boarding

Another must in the list of things to do in Dubai is the Jet Blade Fly-boarding. The fly board is connected to a powerful jet-ski for a thrilling water ride, available throughout the year. An experienced trainer provides you with a detailed demo on how the fly-blade works—this high-powered jet-pack forces water downwards, shoots you up and makes it easier to turn, soar, flip, dive and change direction in the air. A coach is also available to answer any of your queries and provide you with tips regarding elevation and speed.

JetBlade fly boarding


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