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Things to do in Islamabad, Pakistan.

The Ultimate List of Things to do in Islamabad

Islamabad is the Capital of Pakistan, the only modern planned city and home to some of the great attractions of Pakistan. Although Islamabad is criticized for lacking adventure, on the contrary it is full of great tourist attractions that can keep you roaming the city for days. Tripkar brings to you the ultimate list of things to do in Islamabad!

Enjoy the View!

Beautiful views and scenery to enjoy in Islamabad, Pakistan.

There are some great sights for you to see when you come to the Capital. The Monal Restaurant has the most romantic and thrilling view of Islamabad city at night time and there are barely any other urban views that can compare to this. The city lights make for great pictures and a great environment at the Monal Restaurant. Daman E Koh is another Hill Point and tourist spot which has a lot of stalls and kiosks for day time adventures. Great for walks in cool evenings, Daman E Koh gives a breath taking view of Islamabad whilst created a great outdoor feel with greenery all around you.

The Pakistan Monument is one of the National locations which is a must visit if you are a fan of great views and intriguing contemporary architecture. Pakistan Monument gives two completely different ambiences during the day and the night so be sure to visit it at both times of spend a long while there.

Soak in Pakistani Culture

you can enjoy various cultural exhibits in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Faisal Mosque which is the world’s 7th largest mosque is a great site to witness modern architecture and also learn about the deeply tied religion and culture. A museum and library inside the mosque can be a source of great information from even a short visit. The Islamabad hosts very culturally rich attractions as well. The first of the said attractions is Saidpur Village which is in the outskirts on Islamabad. It has a beautiful temple from the Mughal Era and some great food at the restaurant nearby. Some great handicrafts are on sale right outside, which make interesting decoration pieces.

Another place to add in your ultimate list of things to do in Islamabad is to visit the Lok Virsa Museum.  This museum located in Islamabad city offers a cultural summary by showing the beautiful dresses and customary items from all over Pakistan. Like all museums, it offers a great amount of knowledge to the tourists and can even be visited more than once for their extraordinary displays. A short drive from Islamabad, beyond Taxila, some historic Buddhist Monasteries can also be visited when you visit Islamabad. Tourists have to climb up a long flight of stairs which instills some adventure and great sights can be seen with the help of tour guides.

Treat your taste buds

Enjoy the nation wide famous Monal restaurant in Islamabad.

Islamabad is an internationally influenced community and offers an unbelievable array of cuisines including local, Japanese, Chinese, American, Mexican, Turkish and Afghani. A popular snack in the streets of Islamabad is the Afghani Burger which has a distinct taste and is a must try in Islamabad. If you’re a fan of Pizzas you can try a bunch of great pizza parlors like Tehzeeb or Papa Sali’s Pizza which are among the best.

For great continental cuisine Monal and Highland Country Club are a must go. Excellent buffets are prepared at the five star hotels of the likes of Marriot Islamabad. If you’re in Islamabad be sure to take our advice and book a hotel according to what you love to do most. There’s a lot of stuff to do all you need is a willing attitude and the good old tourist spirit! Happy Travelling from Tripkar!

Shop Till You Drop

Shopping malls in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Some of Pakistan’s greatest shopping malls can be found in Pakistan. Centaurus Mall is a great tourist attraction as it features over a hundred branded shops, along with a cinema and an excellent food court. Recently Centaurus has become quite popular and attracts around 3 thousand visitors on a daily basis! Safa Gold Mall is another high end Mall featuring some great shops and restaurants. It gives you the best shopping experience and is one of the favorite places to kill time in Islamabad.

Another place to add in your ultimate list of things to do in Islamabad is to visit Jinnah Super. One of the biggest Super Market of Islamabad and fun to roam around and stock up on all sorts of eatables and daily use items.

Be Outdoorsy

things to do in islamabad

Make sure to enjoy stunning views that Islamabad has to offer including a great view of the hills. Trekking and cycling tracks have been made along the hills to make for a great experience if you’re the adventurous kind. During the morning a walk or jog up the hill can give a fresh outdoor experience like no other. Lake View Park and the Islamabad Aviary are also great tourist spots which make for great family travel during the day and are sure to give you fascinating experiences and great memories.

Book a tour with Tripkar to enjoy the ultimate list of things to do in Islamabad!

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