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This is why you should travel.

This is Why You Should Travel

Everyone loves to travel. Be it vacations, trips or a simple weekend getaway, travelling provides new experiences to ponder, adventures and memories. But that’s not it, where travel provides you with various stories to muse on there are major health and personal benefits too. Traveling provides you with increased feeling of happiness, satisfaction and even reduces risk of heart disease. Tripkar brings you inspirational reasons for you to pack your bags and travel the world!

Travelling Boosts your Immune System and Creates Stronger Antibodies

Travel makes you stronger.

Antibodies are little protein that helps protect your body from harmful bacteria and pathogens. Research shows, when you travel from place to place, your body adapts to thousands of new bacteria in turn making your immune system stronger than before. However, this does not exclude practicing basic hygiene.

Travelling is the Best Cure to Depression and Stress

Travel reduces depression and stress.

For those suffering from depression and stress should immediately stop working and pack their bags. It has been scientifically proven that travelling improves mood and increases happiness in turn reducing your stress levels to minimum. It has been observed that a change of place and surroundings reduces anxiety, worry and agitation. Traveling also improves your brain health too. When you meet new people and become globally and culturally aware this will improve your cognitive flexibility and boost creativity.

Travel to Experience New Adventures

Travel to make new connections.

Travel offers you opportunities to meet and connect with new people. These new connections will provide you a glimpse of the world besides your circle of friends and family. Often while travelling you will encounter situations outside your comfort zone. Consider this as a blessing in disguise. In reality such situations will transform you. When looking for guidance, you will engage with locals, meet other travelers and challenge your own assumptions. Forging new connections will provide you with better perspective and create meaningful relationships. Going on trips, learning a new skill or language, experiencing adventure thrills and forming new connections are ideal sources of happiness for everyone! Do not miss out on any opportunities to travel.

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